Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Pledge Allegiance

This morning while I was getting ready Kaylen busted out with the pledge. I didn't even know they said the pledge at school but I guess they do! It is so cute to hear her say such big words that she has no clue of the meaning. Enjoy!

Tripp isn't doing much but laughing and grabbing playthings but he's just so cute doing it! So here is a little video of him too.

Cowgirls and Super Friends

At school it was Cowboys week. They could dress up all week. So we chose two days and did it up! Rylie was a cowgirl for Halloween last year and Emily made the cutest costume for her and let us borrow it. She was sooo cute!

Kaylen had Super Friends week at Dance. So, of course, Rylie was her friend. Rylie is in her own dance class so she already had all that she needed for dance. They were so sweet dancing together.

They had the cutest outfits. They did tap, ballet and gymnastics.

I love this picture of them. They really do love each other. Kaylen couldn't understand why Rylie wasn't going to be in her class all the time. She is still asking when Rylie can come back. So sweet.