Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Early Valentine's Day!

     This year I have been so busy at work. New boss, difficult class, all digital classroom setting. ROUGH!! This has left me very little spare time to blog. I haven't totally given up though. I want my kids to have a place to come back to and remember memories. Life is staying busy. These two are a blast. Amber and Micah have been coming over at least once a week and the kids and I have both cherished the time we've been able to spend together. WE LOVE THEM!!! I have been busy working on making things for my booth in University Pickers. Emily and I have had such a great time and it has been an honor for people to be so interested in our store and our craft. It feels good to be liked!!! :) Track has begun. This means I am sooo busy. Not a spare moment. Now until April will be a complete blur. I am so anxious for the summer and warmer weather!  

Just the other day my little T-man decided it would be a good idea to flush a clementine. That was fun. We never got it out. He is every bit of the stinker he looks like in this picture! He will be starting soccer in March. This will be his first sport. We are going to put him on the swim team this summer too. It's the best way to learn how to swim! Kaylen has been swimming on Tuesday's and Thursday's to keep it up so she's ready for this summer. She's also still loving the violin. First grade has been a blast for her and her teacher is trying to give her hard enough work so that she can stop getting straight 100's. I am glad! I would rather her have worse grades and actually learn more!!! She loves her brother and he looks up to her so much. He is always saying how he wants to be like her. They both warm my heart and are more than I could have asked for. Coolest personalities ever!!! (but I'm probably a little bias!!!)

Here are their valentine cards. I am stapling them to a baggie of hershey kisses. Of course, I got the idea from pinterest!