Tuesday, April 28, 2009

35 Week Update

I wish I would have taken a picture of my other two completed nursing covers. I did finish them and they turned out really cute. If you are an expecting momma that likes to dabble in sewing a little, that is a great project. It was fairly easy and quick. That would make a great gift to give someone too. The key is finding really cute fabric. Well this post isn't really about my nursing covers.

I went in for my checkup yesterday (it was my 34 week check up done at 35 weeks - we got a little behind). I haven't mentioned that I have been in quite a bit of pain on my right side for a few weeks because I know the drill. You have a kidney stone, drink water, live through it. It isn't to the point of death pain or anything. Just an occasional intense pain that comes and goes. So no major blockage... just tiny gravel passing through. Anyway, I told my doc about it yesterday and he checked for blood in my urine. There was some blood in there and they said they would send off for cultures and let me know but I was so far along that I should just grin and bear it for a few weeks. That is basically what I expected to hear. I also asked him for a more detailed event path for the next few weeks. He said that next week would be our first "check" and then the next week we would probably do an ultrasound to see how big Tripp is (give or take a pound) and if he was around 9 lbs!!!!! he would induce. I was thinking more like if he was 8 lbs or something... let's remember that ultrasound could be off by a pound in either direction... so 9 could be 10. Are you kidding me?!?!?! I am thinking a renegotiation is in order. I will just patiently wait a few weeks and see what the results are... then I am prepared to beg.

Okay... so my good friends, the Turnbull's, are having a guessing game for the correct date and time of Kate's arrival... how fun!!! They are offering a prize for the winner. I am not that cool but guesses would be fun. So put in your guesses and let's see who wins!!!! Just for fun!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nursing Cover

I haven't posted much this week mostly because nothing has been going on. We had some friends over for dinner one night and community group last night. I am starting to feel uncomfortable at night so my sleeping hasn't been great lately. Other than that... pretty normal around here. I go in on Monday to talk to my doc again. Hopefully we can talk about the end a bit more. We will see.

I did make the first of 3 nursing covers last night. I really like the fabric for all three. One thing I added to this is a pocket on the inside. I thought that would be nice for little needed accessories. (nursing mommies know the things I am talking about) This one was the only one that I didn't want the pocket white but had to just get over it because that sherpa material isn't cheap and I didn't need much for all 3 pockets. These are really easy to make so I thought I would include the tutorial I used. Here are pictures of my first one:

Now to make a nursing cover:

What you will need:
1 yd. of decorative fabric
1 yd. of lining
1/4 yd. of terry cloth or sherpa dot fabric for pocket (can also use to wipe baby's mouth after feeding)
2 D rings
12" of bonning

Sizes for project:
1. 36×24″ Fabric (when the cover is completely sewn, the size will be approx 34×22″)
2. 36×24″ Fabric for lining (Optional)
3. (2) D Rings
4. 11-12″ Boning
5. Terry cloth for corner pocket (Optional)

I would recommend buying 100% cotton fabrics because they are light weight and wash well or a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily.

To make your own nursing cover, here are some simple instructions:

1. Cut 1 strip of fabric 3.5″w by 28-30″ long. This will be your neck tie.
2. Cut 1 strip of fabric 3.5″ w by 5-6″ long. This will be the strip that you will attach the D Rings to.
3. Fold each strip in half (inside out) and iron flat
4. Sew each strip along the cut edge. The short strip you sew the entire length, but the longer strip you will sew the entire length until the end and you’ll curve it. Trim the access fabric.
5. Now that your strips are sewn you need to get the fabric right side out. When that’s done, iron flat again, but make sure the sewn part is now centered in the back so that the front is nice and smooth and you can’t see a seam.If desired, you can sew along the sides of the strips for better reinforcement.
6. Take your shorter strip, put the fabric through the D Rings and fold in half. Sew across fabric to keep D Rings in place.
7. Now you need to iron your main fabric and lining together so that they are wrinkle free and the fabric is tight.
8. With your fabrics ironed (make sure the lining side is up and start folding the sides) Fold fabrics once (1/2-1″) and iron flat. This will keep it in place. Then fold one more time (1/2-1″), iron flat and pin. This will leave a nice clean edge.Do this all the way around.
9. When you get to the top you will need to place the boning in the center and fold it into the folds you ironed (make sure once it’s sewn that the boning pops out away from you when your wearing it). You will also place your long and short trips on either side of the boning. Tuck them into the folds and pin.
10. If you are adding the terry cloth pocket. You’ll need to do so at this time. Choose one corner and tuck part of it into the folds.
11. Now that everything is ironed, pined and tucked you are ready to start sewing.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shower and a Photographer

I had the best baby shower last night. I had so many friends there to celebrate little Tripp. I am so grateful to all of them. I got so many sweet gifts and I know they will all come in handy. The best part was being able to see everyone. I wish that I would have been able to talk to more people but that is always how those events are. You just can't talk to everyone. I don't have pictures because I charged my battery at work and left it there! I had the camera but no battery. Oh well.

I must say that I am so super sleepy today. I hope I can get to bed early tonight. I will be at work late for a co-workers shower so by the time I get home, make dinner, give k a bath and put her to bed... I will have time for American Idol results and bed. I am going to try hard to get all that in before 9! It is silly that I am thinking about bedtime at noon but I am.

Okay... I need to keep this short because I want some responses and no one has time to read a lot. I am looking for a photographer for Tripp's newborn pictures. I am not wanting to spend a ton like I did for Kaylen and I fully plan to take a lot here at home but want some with the entire family in them. Does anyone have any good suggestions? The first people I have used are too expensive now, the next lady had twins and isn't doing portraits right now... and so I am at a loss... Thanks to anyone who has any ideas!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Easter Videos

I wanted to post these yesterday but ran out of time. Kaylen and Allen absolutely love to dance to this song. I hope these days never end. This is their favorite song to dance to. I took this video before we left for church. It really was a great day.

I tried to let go and give Kaylen some room to dye her own eggs. The thoughts of the cups being knocked over just kept creeping up on me and I couldn't do it. Maybe next year I will give her more freedom. At least she felt like she was in control.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter was so Memorable!

Kaylen is at the age that she can begin to really understand what Easter is about. We had quite a few Easter books that we read during bedtime this week to reiterate the reason for the holiday. The concept isn't the easiest to explain to a 3 year old! Anyway, on Saturday we went and got a new haircut at the Spoiled Rockin' Kids Salon. Great experience!

Sunday morning we went downstairs to see all that the Easter Bunny had left. She was so excited and her favorite thing was the littlest petz easter eggs. She got 6 different animals and she was crazy about them.

We all got ready for church and took a few photos before we left. I seriously was so uncomfortable! I am ready to speed through these next few weeks! I was happy that I could wear the Easter dress that I wore 4 months after Kaylen was born this year. Saved on the ole pocketbook! This was on a timer and the camera was a little low... we look like giants. But... my husband is the king of self-timer!

Kaylen really loves her daddy. I like this picture of them looking at each other. It was actually a shot that I took in between shots but I love it the most.

Me, Kaylen and Tripp!!! :)

This hat was a labor of love for me. I had the hardest time getting the ribbon to do right. Kaylen loves to wear hats so I always try to get her one but the ribbon that comes on them is always pink or white. That wouldn't do. I think it turned out well. It just took a few different tries.

She is checking out what is in all of her Easter eggs.

She got so in to hiding and finding the Easter eggs. We did this for hours. Literally. She couldn't get enough of it. Notice the shades. She had to have that so that she could see the eggs out there. Those eggs were so broken from the event that we had to just throw them away. Which was fine with me. She seriously had a blast! She was cracking us all up. She was wearing a bracelet that she named her darling. So she would tell everyone to look at her darling. What a hoot! At this point in the hunt her darling was already laying in the grass by the swing. :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Program at School

I have been meaning to get some video of Kaylen talking to Tripp because it is so stinking cute. She tells him the funniest things. Well, last night I remembered. So this is the video I got. It is like 2 min long (feels like forever) but I want you to pay attention to the end of the video. Who on earth could miss their child's program after hearing that?!?! I wasn't planning on going so I had to get someone to cover my class just so I could be there. There was no way I could miss... and neither could Tripp! Allen has his boss from New Orleans riding with him today so he couldn't come. Of course grandparents were there... it is a little easier for them to maneuver the schedule. Anyway, here is my super cutie. She whispers at first so turn it up!! :)

This video is much shorter but she is so cute singing her little songs. Glad I didn't miss it!

This last picture of me is against my better judgment. I absolutely hate any pictures of me pregnant but it is for Jodi. So if you aren't Jodi, please scrub that mental picture from your mind!!!! :) I guess I am almost 33 weeks along.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nursing Covers

I am always doing some sort of project. I think I need a project room so I dont have to get my sewing machine out and put it away so often... wonder if I could convert an area in my dining room or something. I sometimes sit in there but I always have to put everything away when I am done. I don't know what the solution should be. Anyway, I am going to make a few nursing covers like this one:

The cool thing about this project is that it only requires one yard of fabric. So you are looking at $9 in fabric plus a few other items that should run you a few dollars... so now I am up to $11 total! And a really easy project!

Here are the fabrics I am considering: Please vote for your favorite two!






Monday, April 06, 2009

Surprise Shower

I am usually very difficult to surprise. In fact, I don't ever remember being really surprised on much in life. I would even snoop and find all of my "Christmas" gifts as a child. I have to say, my 11 grade girls that I meet with at church pulled it off. They joined forces with Allen's 10th grade guys and I had no clue! I wondered why we HAD to go to church early but Allen said it was because he had to meet with his boys about something. So I didn't think anything else about it. I was grumpy as could be though because he was rushing me! He was driving like he was a part of Nascar to get there on time and I was so frustrated with him. Then when we get there, I still dont see everyone and he is holding my hand and dragging me in the other room. I pulled my hand away and said he was walking too fast to hold hands. Then he put his hand on my back and continued to quickly guide me along. I was about at my wits end with him and then I realized that everyone was there for us.

I felt really bad for being so mean. I can't begin to express to you how much of an impact these high school kids have had on Allen and I. They are the most kind and loving group of kids and we are blessed to know them and be a part of their lives. I don't want them to ever graduate! If you have been feeling led to work with high schoolers... I encourage you to do so. You will receive more blessing from those kids than you could have ever realized. They inspire me to be a better person than I currently am. I am overwhelmed by them. They are a blast and we enjoy every minute of them.

My girls got stuff for me. (that never happens when you are preggers... it was a nice surprise). Allen's guys got things for Tripp. They were so excited that Allen is having a boy so they got tons of sports items for him. It was fun to see that interaction for a few reasons. 1. I have never seen Allen open gifts for our kids. and 2. I have never seen 10th grade boys get things for a baby.

Anyway, it was an event that Allen and I will never forget. The fact that they went through all the trouble to do something special for us and Tripp was incredible. And a special thanks to the three moms that spear-headed everything as well - Mrs. Brindley, Mrs. Hatfield, and Mrs. Leeth.

On a side note, I made a gift for Tripp on Saturday. I had made a little car seat cover for Kaylen when she was born so I felt like I needed to make something for Tripp as well. This is just to put on top of him when he is in the car seat. I know, I probably wont need it until he is 6 months old or so but I wanted both kids to have something homemade from me.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy Friday!!!

Well, another week has passed. We are half way through with testing at school. Time really does seem to be flying. The doctor appointments are stacking up like crazy... I can't keep track. I am going in on Monday to look over my GestD information with my dietitian. Lately I have been staying within range and I am so glad for that. I still haven't gone a day with all readings being within range. I at least have one a day that is off. I am learning how to "treat" myself by tweaking things so that I can have one forkful of a dessert if there is one at the meal I am at. So this has helped to ease that. I must tell you that I am getting rather tired of certain foods. I have to lay off cottage cheese. Last time I ate it, I started gagging. I guess I have had it too often. I have never eaten so much peanut butter and cheese in my life! (I don't eat those two things together). Going out to eat or over to someone else's house is difficult. I also feel hungry all the time! You would think with 6 meals a day I wouldn't be but my meals are extremely small. I have to say that this is much easier than it was with Kaylen... even with the GestD. I will let you all know how things go next week. I meet with dietitian on Monday and my OBGYN on Thursday. So I should have a better picture of how all of this is going.

Kaylen is at that age where she says and does the cutest things. A few nights ago Allen and I were joking around with each other and Kaylen was sort of in on it. So finally she looks at me and say, "you thinkin what I'm thinking?". I asked her what she was thinking and she responded with, "Daddy's crazy." Where did she learn to ask if someone was thinking what she's thinking? That is hilarious. Then this morning I gave her goodbye hugs and kisses and we always exchange many words because she is prolonging the end result. But this morning I told her to have a good day and she came up to me, "good-gamed" me on the butt and said, "see ya!" I know she didn't pick that up from her parents or grandparents. That is not our typical goodbye gesture. She is a hoot.

My big plans for the weekend are to finish a burp cloth for a shower I have coming up. (I actually need to make a few because I have a few showers coming up) And I need to start this quilted car seat cover I am going to make for Tripp. I may go over to the children's party they are having in Big Cove... anyone else attending? Okay, one last question. I really need advice. When I am monogramming for Tripp, what are my options? I have every intention of calling him Tripp all of the time. That will be his name. But as far as initials go... his will be JAW. Does that look funny on a burp cloth? I sort of think it does since it spells a word. And boys typically dont do the jWa design... it is more of the straight across JAW. Do I even want that on there because people might be confused as to what his name is or who's burp cloth it is. I know I am over thinking this but it has been on my mind a lot and I don't know the answer. I plan to do some that just have a T on them. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Happy weekend!!!! And happy April!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


This past weekend I had some time on Saturday and I wasn't sure when that would happen again before Tripp comes so I planted all I plan to this year. Next year we will hopefully do more to our yard but we have to work in stages. Our ultimate goal is to put in a sprinkler system and sod the yard. I think that is what it will take for things to look good. But a little color always helps.

This is a planter on my front porch (we are in need of our iron railing... it is next on our list of house improvements. The flowers will be yellow when they bloom. And there is creeping ivy that isn't showing up too well in the photo. It's on the other side.

These are the flowers I chose for my hanging baskets this year. Actually Kaylen chose all of the flowers we planted. I had to say no sometimes when they got too crazy.

This is what they look like from a far:

I have been watching this robin work on a nest in one of my side bushes and I finally saw that she had laid two eggs. I was so excited. So when I took the picture this is what I saw:

Then I found this right below the tree:

It looks like the egg is still in tact but merely on the ground. I know I can't touch it but is there anything I can do? I really want them to be okay but dont want to mess with them so that the mom wont come back. They need her!!! Any suggestions?!

This is what I did in these window planters last year. I don't love this view but for now, I had to do this for you to really see them. They will take over the space really well soon. They thrived last year and looked great. Hope this year is the same!!

I had 4 of these bushes last year that I didn't really know where to put so I just stuck them in the back yard next to my neighbor's chain link fence. (Maybe one day that will be sort of hidden). But they look so pretty and have bloomed out nicely. I was afraid they had died because it wasn't the best soil conditions (rocky) but they seem happy.

I bought 10 of these little guys and they will eventually begin to creep over the wall. I hope to add more so that it is a continuous creeping all over the wall. I love these little guys.