Friday, April 24, 2009

Nursing Cover

I haven't posted much this week mostly because nothing has been going on. We had some friends over for dinner one night and community group last night. I am starting to feel uncomfortable at night so my sleeping hasn't been great lately. Other than that... pretty normal around here. I go in on Monday to talk to my doc again. Hopefully we can talk about the end a bit more. We will see.

I did make the first of 3 nursing covers last night. I really like the fabric for all three. One thing I added to this is a pocket on the inside. I thought that would be nice for little needed accessories. (nursing mommies know the things I am talking about) This one was the only one that I didn't want the pocket white but had to just get over it because that sherpa material isn't cheap and I didn't need much for all 3 pockets. These are really easy to make so I thought I would include the tutorial I used. Here are pictures of my first one:

Now to make a nursing cover:

What you will need:
1 yd. of decorative fabric
1 yd. of lining
1/4 yd. of terry cloth or sherpa dot fabric for pocket (can also use to wipe baby's mouth after feeding)
2 D rings
12" of bonning

Sizes for project:
1. 36×24″ Fabric (when the cover is completely sewn, the size will be approx 34×22″)
2. 36×24″ Fabric for lining (Optional)
3. (2) D Rings
4. 11-12″ Boning
5. Terry cloth for corner pocket (Optional)

I would recommend buying 100% cotton fabrics because they are light weight and wash well or a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily.

To make your own nursing cover, here are some simple instructions:

1. Cut 1 strip of fabric 3.5″w by 28-30″ long. This will be your neck tie.
2. Cut 1 strip of fabric 3.5″ w by 5-6″ long. This will be the strip that you will attach the D Rings to.
3. Fold each strip in half (inside out) and iron flat
4. Sew each strip along the cut edge. The short strip you sew the entire length, but the longer strip you will sew the entire length until the end and you’ll curve it. Trim the access fabric.
5. Now that your strips are sewn you need to get the fabric right side out. When that’s done, iron flat again, but make sure the sewn part is now centered in the back so that the front is nice and smooth and you can’t see a seam.If desired, you can sew along the sides of the strips for better reinforcement.
6. Take your shorter strip, put the fabric through the D Rings and fold in half. Sew across fabric to keep D Rings in place.
7. Now you need to iron your main fabric and lining together so that they are wrinkle free and the fabric is tight.
8. With your fabrics ironed (make sure the lining side is up and start folding the sides) Fold fabrics once (1/2-1″) and iron flat. This will keep it in place. Then fold one more time (1/2-1″), iron flat and pin. This will leave a nice clean edge.Do this all the way around.
9. When you get to the top you will need to place the boning in the center and fold it into the folds you ironed (make sure once it’s sewn that the boning pops out away from you when your wearing it). You will also place your long and short trips on either side of the boning. Tuck them into the folds and pin.
10. If you are adding the terry cloth pocket. You’ll need to do so at this time. Choose one corner and tuck part of it into the folds.
11. Now that everything is ironed, pined and tucked you are ready to start sewing.


Jodi said...

SO CUTE!!! I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

It's very cute!

-Catherine Wynn