Thursday, April 02, 2009


This past weekend I had some time on Saturday and I wasn't sure when that would happen again before Tripp comes so I planted all I plan to this year. Next year we will hopefully do more to our yard but we have to work in stages. Our ultimate goal is to put in a sprinkler system and sod the yard. I think that is what it will take for things to look good. But a little color always helps.

This is a planter on my front porch (we are in need of our iron railing... it is next on our list of house improvements. The flowers will be yellow when they bloom. And there is creeping ivy that isn't showing up too well in the photo. It's on the other side.

These are the flowers I chose for my hanging baskets this year. Actually Kaylen chose all of the flowers we planted. I had to say no sometimes when they got too crazy.

This is what they look like from a far:

I have been watching this robin work on a nest in one of my side bushes and I finally saw that she had laid two eggs. I was so excited. So when I took the picture this is what I saw:

Then I found this right below the tree:

It looks like the egg is still in tact but merely on the ground. I know I can't touch it but is there anything I can do? I really want them to be okay but dont want to mess with them so that the mom wont come back. They need her!!! Any suggestions?!

This is what I did in these window planters last year. I don't love this view but for now, I had to do this for you to really see them. They will take over the space really well soon. They thrived last year and looked great. Hope this year is the same!!

I had 4 of these bushes last year that I didn't really know where to put so I just stuck them in the back yard next to my neighbor's chain link fence. (Maybe one day that will be sort of hidden). But they look so pretty and have bloomed out nicely. I was afraid they had died because it wasn't the best soil conditions (rocky) but they seem happy.

I bought 10 of these little guys and they will eventually begin to creep over the wall. I hope to add more so that it is a continuous creeping all over the wall. I love these little guys.


Ashley said...

They are all beautiful! I love doing baskets and pots w/ a lot of different stuff in them. I better get on it before I get too big :) I'm thinking Easter weekend I will be able to get on top of these plants!!!

Looks good! House looks great!

Anonymous said...

Probably too late for this advice now, but for the future - it's just a myth that the mother bird won't come back if you touch the eggs. I know we all had this information drilled into our heads when we were kids, but it's just not true. Someone probably made it up one day to keep kids from messing with nests and it took off from there.

I'm sure the egg is spoiled by now but don't be afraid to pick them up and put them back in the future!

dawn wilson said...

Well that is good to know!!!