Monday, March 30, 2009

Waffle House and a Bunny

Okay I had to post a few more pictures. The first is of the bunny and burp cloth that I talked about in a previous post. My mom and I made this little hopper together. I put my mom on the head shape because she is a perfectionist and I knew that if the head wasn't right, it wouldn't look right. She did it perfectly... as expected. It took us a while, we got frustrated because we didn't have a pattern, but the end result was really cute. I love the burp cloth too. I am going to have to make myself one in a boy theme.

On Sunday, we got up and decided to get ready for church and go to Waffle House (then church, of course). Anyway, I thought I was doing great by staying within what my allotments of carbs and sugars were but obviously not. I had the highest number I have had so far. ugh. eating out is not working out for me. I think I am going to have to quit eating out until after the baby comes. Anyway, Kaylen wanted milk in a coffee cup... she thinks she is so big. She also needed two straws, one for her, and one for her bear. They both had milk. Too cute! These are fun times.


Ashley said...

LOVED the bunny - she is sitting up in the corner of the newly fitted crib, and she is just happy as she can be - waiting on Miss Kate to join her in there :) Thank you sooo much for such a special gift! I am truly grateful for your friendship (and you mad sewing skills!)

Amanda said...

Dawn, your comment about the ferns cracked me up and made me sad all at the same time. Do you remember where you got your ferns or what kind they were?