Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stairs and Gest. D. Update

I was going to abbreviate Gestational Diabetes but decided that GD didn't sound all that great. So I guess I will have to come up with something else. The class was very informative yesterday. I did feel like I was in there with the dregs of the earth. I am pretty sure the lady behind me was a meth addict... she didn't even have teeth. And they were concerned about the sugar she put in her body?!?!? Anyway, everyone else in there weighed well over a deuce and a half. One lady had to be tipping the scales at around 350 or more. Then there was me. I had taken a bath recently, was wearing clean clothes and actually brushed all of my teeth since I still have them all. Square peg, round hole. I have been writing down every morsel of food that goes into my mouth and counting carbs like crazy. I will be drastically increasing my intake of peanut butter and cheese. And drastically decreasing my carbs and sugar of course. I must say, I did have a breakdown yesterday. I was overwhelmed with all the changes that needed to happen. I couldn't wrap my brain around it all. But I am feeling better now and it is ALL due to my husband.

I love this man. He doesn't ever check this blog so he will never see this (unless he hears about it). But last night he sat down and looked over my diet plan and determined what I would need to do and went to the grocery store (he was gone for well over an hour!). I stayed home and made an appropriate dinner. When he got back I got out the zip lock baggies and went to town measuring out snacks and meals. I figure if things are already planned out it will be less stressful. So as if that act of kindness wasn't enough... Allen got up this morning and made me breakfast. He scrambled an egg, cooked two pieces of turkey bacon, salsa, shredded cheese, and a tiny dollop of daisy all wrapped in a tortilla. Not too bad!

Anyway, I have never felt so grateful to him. Anyone who knows Allen, knows that the morning breakfast was a gigantic sacrifice for him. So this would have all been much worse if it weren't for him. He is awesome.

Okay... on to the stairs: The runner was installed on Tuesday and I love it! I do think that I need to paint the little space between the riser and the wall that is caulked in... I left it white but it looks like it needs to be black. Other than that... I am pleased!!!


Ashley said...

Stairs look GREAT! Love the runner. I didn't know those things had to be installed. Anyway...

And, so impressed w/ Allen and the diligence that you guys are showing. You must do this for you AND the baby - I'm sure that makes it much easier. I'd love to see some of your cuts, mainly b/c I eat a TON of peanut butter and sugar. Ah!!! I don't have GestD (appropriate abbrev?) but I don't want to be unhealthy either! Hang in there, it will be worth it come May or June :)

dawn wilson said...

I will show you!!! It isn't hard... just being sure you couple a protein with a carb or sugar. PB counts in the protein category so that is okay... I have never been a very big fan of the stuff... too dry and sticky in my mouth. :) I am eating it now... can't always eat a piece of meat. thanks for your encouragement. We will chat tonight!!

I am not sure about whether stair runners have to be installed or not... I am sure handy dandies could install them on their own... but you know that doesn't mean a wilson would be doing it. It is attached to the stairs and it has to be straight so I dont know how they do it.

Libby said...

Dawn - the stairs are BEAUTIFUL! You have such a great design style. I wish I were so talented.

Sounds like you have a keeper of a husband. :)

Jodi said...

HAAAAA! You crack me up. I could HEAR you saying every word. :)

Love, love, LOVE the runner!!!!