Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been rather busy as of late. This past weekend I went to Nashville with Allen to the National Youth Workers Convention. There were many good things about it. I can liken it to a Republican finding themselves in the middle of a Democratic rally but there were some really great speakers and musicians. Obviously I didn't agree whole-heartedly with all that was said but it forced me to think and really examine my stances on issues. I can't say that I changed my ways of thinking on anything but I feel more grounded in my reasons why I believe the way I do. Anyway, moving on...

I saw Twilight on Sunday when I got back from the conference. I had not been all that excited with Robert Pattinson as Edward but after watching the movie... he was the best part! I really liked the movie but I wonder what I would have thought had I not read the books. I think they skimmed the book and left out some really important parts. I think Edwards faces that he made when Bella walked in to Bio class the first time would have been comical and not made sense had I not read the book. So I can see why there are mixed reviews. I honestly think they should have used some of Midnight Sun in the movie as well. A little more into what Edward was thinking or "hearing" would have been nice. Okay... those are my thoughts on the much anticipated Twilight".

A few more cute things I haven't mentioned that Kaylen has been saying. She will get her baby dolls and bring them to me and say, "Tell her lots of fangs, mommy" (fangs = things). Merely speaking a few sentences to her baby wont do. She wants long and drawn out conversations. Actually I have never had a long enough conversation for her. She always asks for more.
She is also really in to "matching" these days. Last night she fell asleep in her clothes extremely early. So Allen just put on some PJ pants with her shirt from the day. She woke up and said, "I don't match!" She had on an orange shirt with pink pants and that just wont do!
She really likes to eat cereal in the mornings and when you ask her which cereal she wants to eat she will reply by saying, "The delicious one." I have to pick her up and let her get it, since I have no idea which one happens to be delicious today.
Kaylen's friend, Jonah, gave her a cd of scripture songs for kids. She loves it! Her favorite song to sing (and my favorite song to hear because she sings the actual notes - I am so glad she hears them!) is as follows:
This is how we know
This is how we know
What love is
Jesus Christ
Laid down his life
For us

One more song for fun. It goes to the tune of Brother John. She sings this a lot and it is appropriate for Thanksgiving so I will leave you with it:
Mr. Turkey
Mr. Turkey
Big and Fat
Big and Fat
Soon I'm gonna eat you
Soon I'm gonna eat you
Just like that
Just like that

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanksgiving Program

Here are some pics of Kaylen in her little dress that she wore before and after the program. She did such a great job being a pilgrim. She sang the songs, did the motions, still picked her nose a little, lost her hat, tried to put it back on but just put it over her face, and smiled from ear to ear. I have the cutest video but it will take me a while to get smaller clips to put on here. I am bad with figuring out video for this thing. Right now it is a 20 min video... not acceptable! :) Enjoy the pics and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A BIIIIGGGG Bubble Bath!!!!

I haven't updated in a few days and I only have pictures from when Rylie came to play not too long ago. So I thought I would talk about these two girls again. They crack me up because they both get sooo super excited to get to see each other. They play pretty well together. Of course they are bossy and more bossy (Kaylen leaning toward the latter of the two). I think girls are just born with that gene. During this play event they started out "tooking dinner" in Kaylen's kitchen. They said they made chicken. It looked like bread and lettuce in a bowl to me but I guess things are different for a toddler with a much better imagination than me. The funny thing about that is that Rylie was ready to come downstairs and show us her creations and Kaylen wanted to stay in her room and continue to cook. So we could hear, "Ryedee, get back in my room!" and then Rylie would scream, "NO!" So they ended up downstairs in the bathtub. We knew they were playing but didn't know what they were doing. So we went into the bathroom and they had the glass doors shut and were sitting in the bathtub. They said they were having a BIIIIIGG bubble bath. Thankfully they were content with no water at all. Look how much fun they are having just by sitting in a bathtub?!?! Who needs toys, right?

This last one is a visual example of my little bossy one! Trying to force her friend to stay in the tub with her. Thankfully they both are pretty good at standing up for themselves. I really don't worry when the two of them are together.

Later Kaylen had to play the Cyndie Lopper Song for Rylie. (Girl's just want to have fun - it's her favorite right now)Rylie was more interested in rocking a bear in the swing than dancing but Kaylen can't get enough of the dance sessions. This has become something we do quite regularly in our house. She has started doing this booty shake that is so stinking cute! I gotta get it on film and get it on here!

In other unrelated news, I have started this thing called e-mealz. If you haven't heard of it... give it a try! I just finished my first week and have loved the meals. What is it? Well, it is a website tailors meals to your personal needs and couples that with where you shop and what sales they are having that week. So I chose the 2 person, low-fat meals for 5 days from Wal-Mart. They check out what is on discount that week at Wal-Mart and they comprise weekly meals that are easy and delish! Then the second page is the grocery list for the week. So it is all printed and organized for me! I really like it a lot. Oh, and for 5 meals... $47!!!! Does it get any better?!?! Anyway, the website is www.e-mealz.com.

Have a good week!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Supper Club - November

Every other month the Carlisles, Foxes and Wilsons get together for a rather informal dinner so that we can all catch up. Otherwise we might go forever without getting together. Times are busy!!! Anyway, our kids always get excited about this. They have finally gotten to the age that they can all play together without us having to supervise too closely. I have to say that I was impressed with them this time. It truly sounded like they were throwing things through the walls upstairs but when I went to clean the mess the next day... it was seriously minimal! I was shocked at how little there was to do! What great kids! Oh and one thing I am learning about my sweet daughter is that she keeps score with a vengeance. I am going to have a little tattler on my hands. I am really trying to squelch that in her but it is definitely her tendency. The other night (and Emily... I haven't even told you about this yet but I think it is funny so here goes) we are getting out of the car and she randomly says that Rylie hit her 4 times (I love how she gives it a number of 4... but she consistently says that). So I say that it is okay because Rylie is her friend and she has to forgive her friends. She says... "Rylie not my friend right now... she hit me". This girl is relentless! We had Andrew over a looong time ago and she still is talking about when he came over and jumped on her on the couch and then stole her juice box. Oh and she doesn't leave Jonah out... he smashed her fingers in the door. Never mind that she is the one that had her fingers in the door that he was shutting! Of course it isn't her fault at all. See what I am saying? Big old tattle tale! My question is... how many things has my little darling done that her sweet friends aren't spilling!?!?! Tons I am sure! Kids are funny!

Halloween Night

This post is a few days behind because I kept forgetting to bring my camera in. On Halloween night we went to Willowbrook and participated in the festivities there. Kaylen really likes the moon bounce stuff. She also had fun this year with the trunk or treat. Of course we always like the cotton candy!!! We had to be there at 5:30 but at about 4:30 I decided that Kaylen needed a mask. So I set out to make her one. It turned out cute and she really liked wearing it.

All of the pictures of Allen and Kaylen have been turning out so cute lately. (At least to me ;)

Me and Kaylen has been more difficult to capture! Wiggle worm! :)

In this picture Kaylen is going through an obstacle course. At one point I thought I was going to have to go in after her. She was not in a hurry to bust through things. She preferred the more gentle approach. So she took her time but enjoyed every second of it!

I looove this picture of K looking up at Allen - she has gotten so sweet lately. She will just tell you that she loves you randomly. It means so much more when she was just thinking that on her own rather than being prompted by me first. I love this age!

Kaylen and Allen flying down the slide. I think it was more fun with her daddy because she went even faster!

A few things that Kaylen is doing right now that I don't want to forget:

She will say that she wants to tell you a "feecret" (secret - all of her s sounds are f's) So you bend over and she will say something random like puppies. Then she will giggle.

When she toots she will say, "I hear a wittle tooter monfter and I think he came from mommy." (or insert whoever else happens to be near by)

She loves her baby dolls and her favorite thing to do is to punish them. She will tell me that Shelly hit her and has to go to time out. Then she will ask her if she is ready to tell mommy that she is sorry. We play this game lots and the crimes are always different but this tells me that she really does understand right and wrong.

Last night she didn't eat dinner at all. I am resting on the couch and she comes in with a half-eaten cookie and says, "I have a tookie, mom?" I told her no because she hasn't eaten one bite of dinner. But that "tookie" is gone. So a few minutes later I come out of the office and she is running from the kitchen and I grab her little hand (complete with brand new cookie) and she said, "hello". Just as sweet as she could. So I took the cookie away and told her she had to eat dinner first. She cried and then she looked up at me and squinted her eyes in a glare! She was angry at me! I can't believe my little two year old can glare like that! Anyway... they learn quick!