Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Kids...

Muggs and Kaylen in Feb. 2007.

Park City Ski-tactular!

Okay... for those of you who didnt know... I just got back from our ski trip. We had a wonderful time in Park City. If you are thinking about a ski trip... this is a great place to go. We had good snow the entire time and they have great slopes! Deer Valley was my favorite by far! It was much easier to ski and had more trails that were my pace... which isnt suuuuppper fast. I braved some blues but not the really hard ones. Allen was a little better than me but we ski well together... it was really fun. We went with another couple, Ryan and Jill Aldridge. Lots of fun... let me walk you through these pics...

Jill and me on the first day.
Me at Deer Valley.
This is when we went tubing... I thought this was great fun and easy to do! I recommend looking for a place to go tubing while on your ski trip... we actually felt like we played in the snow after this.
Here we all are at the mexican restraunt we ate at... great food in Park City... you cant go wrong no matter where you eat!
I went to ski school (which was a little to basic for me). This is Jill, Stan and me.
Allen gearing up for his skiing adventure with Ryan... who took him down some double blues... Allen had to ski down that one on his butt!!! Glad he made it out of there in one piece and also glad Ryan is still in tact... Allen was promising a good ole fashioned beating when/if he got off that mountain!
The snow was coming down the second day. It made for powdery conditions - which was nice but cold!
Ski lift adventure... very fun!
We ate Thai food the second night... yummy. Allen and Ryan went to Thailand together in college so when they are together we always eat Thai food.
A local ice cream and coffee shop... fun times! Allen was really excited about taking a pic by a cow... it took a few shots to get a smile out of him.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Atlanta Trip

Alright, so some of you know that I took a weekend getaway to Atlanta with some friends. I thought I would post a few pics from that weekend on here. We had a great time. We started the trip with a visit to Katherine's home town - what a great place to grow up! Then we headed out for Atlanta and went straight to the spa. I had a facial and it was delightful! Then on to a day of shopping and lastly out to dinner. We stayed at an awesome hotel that even had an Escalade to cart us around in. So we didnt have to worry about getting anywhere. It was definitely a fun weekend.

Amy, Ashley, me and Katherine in our hotel room.
Me and Ashley with a ton of chocolate!
Here we all are eating out at Eclipse di Luna - mexican tapas... it was delish!