Friday, February 29, 2008

Kaylen and Pooh!

Last night we had an end-of-the-month-and-I-haven't-spent-my-minimum-at-the-club party! Shew! It was the first time I had eaten off the new menu... scrumpdelioucious... I had scallops... yum. We ate with the Bolton's and our friend Shawn Currie. It was a dandy time but I must say that Andrew far outweighed Kaylen in the good behavior category! Kaylen was wild! She was yelling and playing and running around! I was stressed out! She had a party at school and those days tend to leave my little one a bit excited. She sure is a darling little fireball! After dinner the Bolton's came over to check out the house updates. It was a nice little evening. Oh, I also did something I haven't done in 3 months... went grocery shoping! Today Allen and I are coming home and organizing! We are putting the pantry in order and switching everything over to the new fridge! Allen wants to clean out the garage so that we can put the black fridge in there. That will really straighten that area up. We also plan to get everything hung in the Dining Room. The downstairs is getting fixed up! So that is my fun-filled Friday for ya! Saturday is chocked full with a birthday party for one of Kaylen's classmates and dinner for Hollie! Sunday is planned as well! I am getting together with Kelly to make an apron!!!! I have the coolest fabric and I am so excited to make something! Let's hope it goes well!

I will leave you with a shot from our bathtime last night... Kaylen is totally crazy over bubbles!... and pooh, of course. In this shot she is floating on her back!!!! We are so learning to swim this summer!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

house... mostly the same.

Most of the changes from yesterday came from our electrician. He was hooking up lights, updating breakers... tons of neat stuff! He made my appliances actually work! I have a working dishwasher!!! In these next two pictures I am featuring my cooking center. This microwave is the coolest!!! Last night I boiled noodles, then made a casserole and even baked it in my microwave! We got this microwave so I could make dessert while dinner was baking or something like that... 2 ovens!!! There are all sorts of gadgets on it...

This is the newly installed counter in my laundry room... along with my tall cabinets to fit my vaccum cleaner and brooms in.

These two pictures are of my downstairs bathroom with lights!!!! It is useable and lit!!!! The wall sconces are going to be completed today... But it looks really cool!

These 3 pictures are similar to yesterday... the biggest difference is the lighting... like over my bar. Today he will finish the under the cabinet lighting and we will then just be lacking a backsplash and some crown!!!! The best part is that everything is working! Now I just need to go to the grocery store... that is going to be a task since even my condements are out of date! It is like starting from absolute scratch (minus the spices!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

House Updates...

We are nearing the end of all of this!!!! I should be able to cook at home tonight!!!!! Yahoooooooo!!!!! I will probably post again tomorrow with a more cleaned up look. The electrician is finishing up today and making all of my stuff work.

These first two pics are of our new skylight in our master bathroom. It wil have a shade on it since our neighbors up the hill from us would be getting an eye full without it. Also, it obviously isnt finished out yet.

This picture is of the master shower... all it is right now is a black hole. As of this weekend it should have tile.

This is the master bedroom... we need to move on in. Those mirrors go in the master bath... above the vanity.

This is of the dining room. It is very close to being done. We just need to hang our stuff back on the walls.

The next 4 are of the kitchen.... self explanitory...

This is the downstairs bathroom! All we need is lights and we are in business!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Kaylen today...

This morning Kaylen fixed her own hair and put her own shoes on (2 different shoes on the wrong feet). She was so proud of herself so I just had to take a picture.

After we got dressed this morning, she was still in the picture taking mood. She has become such a ham. She loves to have her picture taken as well as preforming a song and dance for people. Just ask her to dance and/or sing... she loooves it! Of course she makes the song up. She is really developing such a personality! Oh, and did I mention that she loves getting up on a stage. At Jeff and Aline's house she gets up on the hearth and dances away!

Kaylen wanted to take this picture. She wanted to take a picture of her pushing her baby and then after I took the pictures she would get her baby out of the stroller and the both of them would look at the digital image on the camera. She is a hoot!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Couple of Kaylen Stories

Today I want to tell you a funny story and also let you in on one of my favorite parts of the day. This first picture is Kaylen during our nightly prayer time. I am so proud of her. She has the biggest heart! At night, after bathtime, we neal by her bed and say our prayers. She loves this time. She loves naming off all of the people she wants to pray for. She will tell me a name and I will say a quick prayer for them. Sometimes we get into made up names - that can get interesting. But she lists lots of people and if Jonah or Rylie's mom (I know only Rylie's mom would) are reading this... She prays for them every single night! Of course she also prays for our family, all 4 grandparents and my sister. That is the main list... sometimes a Katherine gets thrown in there. Anyway, I wanted to show you guys how cute she is:

Now, you might ask what this next picture is of... I will get to that. I have to back up a few days first. (Mom, you're going to really relate to this story.)On Tuesday Kaylen began crying whenever I would wipe her nose. I would ask her if her nose hurt and she would say "uh huh, hut mommy". I just thought she had a sore in there or something. This went on Tuesday Night and on Wedneday as well. So last night after bathtime I wrapped Kaylen up in her towel and as we always do, we cuddled a bit before getting dressed. (Another one of my favorite times of the day) While I was cuddling with her, I thought I was seeing some glitter up her nose. So I asked Allen to come and look. Sure enough he saw it too. So we got the tweezers and held her down. I held her down and Allen began digging for the unknown object of glitter. She was screaming bloody murder! I didnt think we were going to get it out and we couldnt tell what it was. Finally, while Allen was holding her nostril open, she blew out and.... pop! went the peent glittery bead! I guess it had been up there for 2 days! She was so cute afterwords because she was really upset with her Daddy. He was telling her he was sorry for having to do that and could he have a hug... she would say no, no daddy and push him away. I asked her if her nose hurt anymore and she said no. Then she said, "tank you, mommy." I told her that her Daddy had made it not hurt. So she said, "tank you, daddy." Then he asked for a hug again... No, No daddy! He was crushed but after about 30 seconds she got out of my lap and said, "Tank you, daddy" and gave him a huge hug. It was really sweet! Anyway, here is that crazy peent bead:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kaylen had her very first valentine party at school. I am sooo not ready for all of these events that I have to plan for! I did awful! All her other little classmates gave her bags full of candy (which I dont want her to eat!) and I only gave a little pooh valentine card! One lady gave these cute little tags for the kids diaper bags with their names on one side and their addresses on the other! Of course it came from All Gussied Up and was cute as can be! Anyway, next holiday, I am going to be ready! She did look cute in her valentines day outfit that her Aunt Christy got for her. Here are a few pics of us:

Allen sent these flowers to me at work! The kids always get a kick out of that sort of thing. One girl said it was spicy. The words they come up with!!! Hilarious!

That night Kaylen was so exhausted from the day's event that she tuckered out in her daddy's lap. It was soo sweet! All day long she kept saying, "paaaty, paaaty, yea, yea, yea!!!" her R sound isn't coming out yet but she was sooo excited to have a party! Speaking of her speach... it has just taken off! She is doing amazing! I am soooo proud of her. She can say just about whatever she wants! Of course she loves anything peent (pink). Cute, cute, cute!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Downstairs Bathroom - Tiled!

I dont have much to post that is new. My master bedroom and bath have been painted. The kitchen is at a stand still until the end of next week. The one thing that happened over the weekend was the downstairs bathtub was tiled. We dont have the shower head and knobs on yet but you can get a pretty good idea of what it will look like. There will be a sliding glass door on there too. I will post more pics this week, I am sure. This is what is supposed to be completed this week.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Tiny House Updates...

This is what the kitchen is going to look like for two weeks. They are at a stopping point until the granite is installed on the 22nd.

This is a picture of our one little snafu. My cabinets were going to be a little too close to my range for code. This happend because of the tile bringing the floor up a few inches (we had to level things and all). So this was unforseen. No biggie... we can get cabinets just a few inches shorter than they were. Only problem is that it will be a bit before they come in. So this area will look like this for a bit.

This is what the raised bar will look like and i have my cookbook thing on the end now.

Right side of kitchen.

Left side of kitchen.

Other side of the bar area.

I had to post this because last night when I was taking pictures of the kitchen, Kaylen decided she wanted me to take pictures of her. So I told her to smile and these are the pictures she gave me. I am loving that she is smiling on command... granted they dont look all that natural always! ;)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I am loving my kitchen!!!

My message center and fridge. The cabinet sitting where my fridge will go is the other side of my message center. There will be 2 columns that go all the way to the countertop.

The first cabinet right by the fridge is double trash cans. The next cabinet is my sink. The hole beside that is where my dishwasher goes. The cabinet sitting in that hole goes on the end of the bar and will face out. That will be shelves for cookbooks.

This is the downstairs bathroom. Paul is about to put the vanity, lights and toliet in so that we can actually use this room. I think that Howard is going to get the shower tiled this weekend (maybe - there is a little snafu... i will have to talk with paul about first).

This is where my stove will go. My uppers here are going to be really cool. It should all be up tomorrow. But notice my big pull out drawers for pots and pans! I love it!

This is a cabinet in my laundry room. the bottom 2 squares are all one door. This is where I will put my vaccum cleaner and mops and brooms. Above is where cleaning supplies will go because my frisky little one can get into childproof things so I have to put deadly thing up high! :)Oh, and there will be a countertop to the right of the cabinet for sewing, folding or whatever!

My other cabinets in the laundry room. Lots of room for storage.

This is the bad news. The vanity that we ordered for our upstairs masterbath... was delievered cracked into a million pieces. This is an example of one area of breakage! I have shipping insurance so we should be okay. I am trying to handle that today. ugh!

Can you tell that I am crazy about my kitchen?!?!?!? Emily has been helping me a ton and she is such a style guru! She is really so good at what she does. I really think people are either born with that ability or they arent. She was! All my colors are great and everything goes so great! Her ideas are the coolest! I will post more pics over the next few days. Today is uppers and trim work. My cabinets will go to the ceiling once they are trimmed out.

Monday, February 04, 2008

New Format!!!!

I worked all day on this silly thing! I have learned a ton about HTML!!! I have a few kinks to iron out but that's okay! I am going to add all of my friends blogs tomorrow. That is why I started changing things... I really wanted to link to other blogs so I could click and visit easier! If you read this and dont comment but have a blog... send it my way!!!!

PS. this should be a HUGE renovation posting week! We have tile on the floor! Lots more is happening this week too. Stay tuned!!!

BTW... tell me what you think about my new template?... I just realized that you cant tell me! I will try to add a comments section. UGH!