Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bahamas pictures

 Here we are at Bobby Flay's restaurant called MESA. The food here was good but sooo expensive. Thankfully BI was picking up the bill because for 3 couples we racked up a $824 bill!
 Just a part of the decor.
 This was the walkway we went down each morning on our way to grab breakfast at the hospitality suite.
 We were on our way to ride horses this morning.
 This is the lobby area. Down below is an aquarium that is called the Dig. It goes on and on with lots of different fish tanks. It's really cool and there is a sting ray that looks like it's the size of a whale. It's huge!
 This is from our excursion out to a private island. This is by far the best excursion I have ever been on. We took a powerboat out to this island and fed sting ray and watched this guy play tug of war with sharks and then we went snorkeling with them. It was scary but fun. They had a bartender and they served us an amazing lunch. This was my favorite day of the trip!
 Crazy guy is holding a shark by the fin!
 Allen wanted everyone to understand just how stupidly close we all were standing to these crazy sharks.
 I got my finger stuck in a sting ray's mouth and it cut me! I was scared to pull it out for fear of him barbing me.
 Check out  how blue the water was!!! It looks like he's in a pool.
 Another shot in this amazing place. I so wish I were there right now!
 This is the boat we rode out there on.
 Here is an above view of the fish getting excited about the food he was cutting up. They weren't small.
 Wow, we're getting burnt!
 This is the award's banquet night.
 This is when we first got to our room. The views from our balcony were amazing!!!!
 These are the sting rays we could see from our room. The hotel had a great shallow habitat for them.
 This shot is from our window as well. This slide was a blast to ride on!
 This is looking out of our room to the right.
 This is Penelope Cruz and her kid having a nice little vacay. We saw them at the casino the next night but our friends saw them on the raging river and got these shots.
 Check it out... it looks like she is posing for them but really she just fell off her float.
 And there they all are. :)
 This is Lisa and me at Mesa.
 This is the view from our room looking left.
 Here is allen going down the slide.
 This is me me going down the slide holding on to my hat so I didn't lose it.
 This is a slide you go down on a tube and at the end you float through the middle of a shark tank. It was way cool. In the pic it is me, Allen and then Patrick.
 Allen and Patrick harnessing their inner monkey!
 Us trying to get our picture taken with some sting ray. It didn't really work too well since I don't really see any!!!!
 Allen wanted his picture taken with the starfish. I have to say it was cool how their little suction cups on the bottom would come out and then retract when you touched them.
 This is just one of the many pretty areas on the grounds. Atlantis really is like Disney World for the water.
 Here we are at the raging river.
 Here we are with our friends Patrick and Lisa. I am so glad they won the trip too. It was awesome to be there with such great friends!!!
 If  you look to the right in this picture you can see where our room was located! :)
 Allen being recognized for winning the trip.
 This is from the first night at the outdoor party. We had a blast dancing it up. This old lady wasn't scared to bust out her jazzercise moves. She was hysterical!
 Me and Lisa dancing.
 Me dancing with the exercise grandma!
 Our high schoolers taught us how to flip when we taught them how to swing dance. So we've been breaking that move out every now and then. :)
 Strike a pose!
It was an amazing trip and I will have tons more pictures when we get the disc's from the professional photographer.