Thursday, March 27, 2008

I dont want to do my homework!

Can I just say that I absolutely hate being in school? I have plenty of homework I should be doing but if I write anything else about assessments or teaching or anything school-related I think I will go crazy! I look forward to the day that I can actually teach again and not just write about it. It is never-ending (okay, that isn't true, it will be over this December but that feels like an eternity away)! And all this complaining I am doing is ridiculous. I have nothing at all to complain about because I chose to do this. I didn't have to. No one made me. I guess I will just have to grin and bare it.

I haven't posted about the house anymore because all of those grandiose things that were supposed to happen didn't. Big shocker! That is what remodeling is all about... over-promises and under-deliverance's. Honestly, I don't really mind since my house works but just doesn't look very good. I can live with that.

I do have a few things on my heart right now. I have a couple of friends going through really rough times and I need to ask you guys to please pray for them. The first is a friend of mine that was in an accident recently where she hit a horse. She fractured 2 vertebrae in her neck and thankfully will heal in time. She also had to have reconstructive surgery on her face and now has a bunch of metal in there. Can I just say that she has the most beautiful face ever to begin with? I think that it will heal back really well - THANKFULLY! She has a lot to be thankful for and she is. The hard part is that she can't drive and has to wear an uncomfortable brace on her neck for 8 weeks. She will be stuck in her house just sitting around for that long. She likes to be up and going and this is killing her! So please pray that the time will go by quickly for her and she will heal up nicely. The second one is a friend with serious infertility issues. I am pretty sure she found out she doesn't have any eggs. She is hurting so badly right now and I ache for her too because I know how much she is longing to have a baby. To find out that there is no chance must be devastating. Please pray that God will ease her pain. So many of our friends are going through these types of issues. The gift of life is an absolute miracle. I hurt for all of my friends who are struggling with this.

Allen will be home on Friday. He has been in Mobile at a meeting and has been having a great time catching up with a lot of old friends from college and the Wynn's. Kaylen and I have been hanging out with Rylie and her parents. We have both really enjoyed that. The girls are playing sooo well together! Anyway, I am ready to have him back home and Kaylen has been missing him as well. This morning she asked if her daddy could blow bubbles with her. She has been asking for him a lot and at night I have been letting her sleep with me and she says she is in daddy's bed.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

House Updates

House Updates

I haven't done a house updates post for a while because not a ton has been going on that is all that exciting. Well, this week changes all of that. We are adding a window in the eat-in kitchen area. This is no small window we are adding... 5ft wide by 4 ft tall. If you are going to do it, you might as well go big. So here are some shots of the framed up area. They are supposed to be busting the brick and adding the window today... we will see! The next two pictures are of the same room. All is being sheetrocked on Wednesday. Yuck! I hate the process!!!! Our ceilings in 3 rooms upstairs are being scraped of that blown stuff as well. What a fun mess it will be - and I just got things fairly dust free. Grrr.

This is the vanity for upstairs. This was a booger to get upstairs! It is now in the bathroom and the granite is completely unbroken! Shew!

This is a pic of the mirrors that are going above the vanity. There will be 2 just alike that sit side by side.

Here is an example of our shower floor. River rock! We finally got the last little piece in an we should be able to finish things up soon. Better bathroom pics will follow in a few weeks.

Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a VERY eventful Easter. Before I tell you the story of the events. Let me tell you how cute Kaylen was! She was insistent on that hat! She found it at the store and wore it around the entire time. I had to get it. She wouldnt take it off either. Also I took her to Classy Nails with me. I told them to try to paint her nails and if it didn't work... oh well. Can I tell you she did amazing! She LOOOOOVED it! Check out the last pic of her pink nails with flowers.

At church the workers had to tell me that she was the woman of the hour. Apparently 3 little boys were swooning over her and 2 of them had her by the arms and were fighting over her and then a third boy just decided to plant one on her... right on the lips! I can't say I blame them... she was adorable!

Now... we were going outside to take a few pictures yesterday and as Aline was walking out she was looking at Kaylen (who was posing for the camera) and she didn't see the wooden beams of Kaylen's swingset. She tripped over one of the beams and ended up fracturing her cheekbone. I am talking her eye is completely swollen shut and she might have to have surgery. They will be able to tell once the swelling goes down. I feel just awful for her. Needless to say... there were no pictures taken. That is why you only see me and Kaylen. It was very scary and we are all praying that she gets a good report this week. Other than that... it was a great day filled with family and good times. Enjoy the pics!

Kaylen over Spring Break

This post is just some random pictures of Kaylen over the break. We had the best time! She is talking up a storm. I am telling you... she has the sweetest disposition. I loooove this stage! She says the funniest things. Anyway, enjoy the random assortment.

Sewing Projects

Over the Spring Break I made a pillowcase dress with my two friends, Emily and Kelly. Here are the pictures of our little ones wearing their new creations. They really turned out cute. Kaylen had a fun week playing with Rylie.

The next 4 pictues are of a gift I made for my friend Jill. She is having a boy and her shower was a few weekends ago. It was fun to do a little sewing.

This is an apron I made with my friend Kelly. We did this a few weeks ago and it was a really fun project. Can you tell that we are sewing buddies? I am going to try to make more outfits for kaylen. I have curtains to make this summer for the house and I will try to make a few things for K as well. I am really into the whole sewing thing right now. Maybe someone should get me a new sewing machine for a holiday... I'm just saying...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kaylen in March...

I haven't posted pics of K in a few weeks so I am way overdue. These first 2 pictures are of Kaylen before we left for a birthday party of one of her classmates. The gift was for him... She wanted to keep it of course.

Yesterday we went to the park because it was such a beautiful day! Riley came along and brought her mom and dad. The girls had a really good time and neither wanted to leave. I am definitely going to have to do this more often. Kaylen looooved the swing, the slide, and climbing. She was pretty good at climbing actually. I wish I would have gotten some pics of that but I was always standing right there unless she slipped. And check out the pics of her hanging from the monkey bars! She is one strong little scutter. She would just hang there forever! And she didn't want me to put my hands near her. She could do it without me!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I don't have any pictures for this post. Not too much has been going on in the Wilson household. We have joined the rest of the world and have been wrestling with the lovely common cold. I had it first and then Allen and Kaylen got it.

As far as the house goes... our GC has been sick so we haven't seen him in a week or so. The tile guy has been working on our master bathroom. That is coming along quite nicely. Nothing else has been happening - which is kind of a nice change. I needed a break. All of the project bills were stressing me out as well as trying to keep up with what was going on and what was supposed to be going on. So this has been a nice break for me. I think I am decided on what I am doing for my kitchen backsplash so I need to go buy that tile. I ended up going a different route than I had originally planned. I will show you guys when it is done. I hope it turns out alright. I think it will but you just never know!

School work is going well. I continue to make A's. Which is nice but doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. I wish I could just relax and take a C but for some reason I can't. Trust me, I am not an A student. I have always been just fine with a B or a C. But for some reason this program is set up in such a way that I am embarassed to show half-done work to my classmates. So to keep a bunch of strangers from thinking I am a total idiot, I continue to bust my tale and do good work. UGH.

Teaching is moving right along. Next week is spring break! I am very ready for it. I am not really going anywhere or doing anything. I am just relaxing and working on some masters work that has been piling up. I hope to get a good chunk of that done. This semester I have a lot of really talented kids but they all work so slow and I feel like we aren't getting many projects done. I need to get my Panoply boards going so that I am not stressing out at the last minute. I never plan ahead.

This weekend we are taking Kaylen to Birmingham with us on Sunday and coming home on Monday. We plan to do something fun with her on Monday - the weather will determine whether that is indoors or out. Next weekend my family is coming in town for Easter. I have got to go get an Easter dress for Kaylen and myself. I may just wear something I already have but I'm not sure yet. Well, I better work ahead on my homework. Everyone enjoy the rest of their week. 3 more days until SPRING BREAK!!!!!