Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Pagent and Opryland

Kaylen was a sheep in her Christmas Play this year. She was so cute. She sang extremely loud and did a great job! She looked so darling and I loved the words to the songs she would sing. It wasn't exactly correct. :)

Opryland was fun this year. I have more pictures than are on here but they are on my other camera and I haven't gotten to them just yet. The kids were both so good. The trip was really relaxing and enjoyable. We saw Santa and both kids loved it. Last year was the best with Santa and Kaylen because she was thrilled. This year she just talked to him and had an enjoyable time. Tripp got a handful of beard and just stared up at him. We saw the Princess and the Frog, shopped, ate lots of wonderful meals and hung out on our balcony. We also had a great view this year from our room.

Tripp loves his toys. He is such a busy baby.

K looks so precious in this shot. The kids were sitting on our balcony right before Santa pictures so I got some shots of them. Too bad Tripp always has his hands in his mouth these days. :)

Sweet babies in the room relaxing. I really love my family. These are good days.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 07, 2009

A fun weekend

This weekend we didn't do anything grand but we had a blast. Friday night we just went out as a family. Just the four of us. We don't attempt that nearly enough. Our kids can surprise us with such great behavior sometimes! We went to the Panda and had some sushi and "chicken flied lice" for K. After that we walked down to the Dollar Tree aka the Toy Store. We let K get 2 toys and then we went on home. We awoke on Saturday to snow! That is such a rarity down here that we had to go out and enjoy it! Here are some pictures to recap our weekend:

The three most important people on this earth. So sweet.

My boys.

Look at that incredible smile! This boy has won me over with his amazing personality. He is the coolest kid!!!

Me and K. I just love how sweet she is. We are starting to have great conversations about God. It is wonderful to see her little mind process so much. I was trying to explain Heaven to her last night and she was having a hard time grasping it all. She decided that she would go live with Jesus when she dies if she can take her own furniture. She loves her new bed. (Well her refurbished bed that was so graciously given to us by Allen's aunt)

This is K throwing a snowball at her daddy. She has a great arm!!!

Here they are with their snowman that they built.

Here is their snowman up close. K named her Flower.

She is so sweet in her snow get up.