Friday, March 26, 2010

First Haircut and Dance

Tripp's hair was starting to look shaggy (especially in the back). I definitely didn't want my little man to look like he had a mullet. I think I am mullet-phobic. I worried about that with K a lot as well. Anyway, it is so thin that it just sticks out all over and I wanted him to look a little more put together for Easter.

Here he is pre-cut:

And after:

Bless that poor lady that had to cut that wiggle worm! She was really patient and did a great job working with him. Once we were done we went over and met Allen who was watching Kaylen at dance class.

Here she is doing a forward roll on the balance beam:

Here she is doing a jumping forward roll:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Photo Mommas

I have a new favorite blog to share with you all. It is:

(this image came from her website)

This is a website that a college friend of mine has. She and her husband are both incredibly awesome both due to their work and who they are. We were also friend after college and went to the same amazing church in Indy. Oh how I miss them all! If I could just bring that entire church and all of its members to Huntsville, this would be the absolute best place on Earth.

Anyway, Mel has started this website and it is a wealth of photo information and she is doing a really neat contest right now. I plan on participating. Let's all get on board and take some pictures with our babies! I hope you enjoy my site for the day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break 2010

My spring break was low key and relaxing. Just what I needed! On Saturday, Allen, the kids and I headed off to Atlanta. He was working a conference and my parents were going to watch the kids. So my mom and I took Kaylen to the Center for Puppetry (which was awesome!) and my dad took Tripp home. Allen had meetings so it all worked out perfectly. The kids had a blast with my parents and Allen and I enjoyed nice dinners and a swanky hotel. I had some major running to do but other than that, I relaxed. I spent some time with my friend, Lisa. She is a really neat girl who is coming out with something called the Christmas Angel. It is amazing how God has given this idea to her and seen it to fruition. It is a similar concept to the elf on the shelf but teaches kids the true meaning of Christmas. I can't wait to get one for my own kids! Lisa's husband is a good friend of Allen's (frat. brother) and also works for the same company. So we always work conferences together and it is always a good time.

So I took zero pictures of Allen and I while we were there... so here we are late last night... feeling tired but accomplished after all we had done for the day.

While we were in Atlanta, the weather wasn't great. But it did give us this amazing double rainbow. It was beautiful!

So that Monday my sister came and got me. We went straight to the Dawsonville outlets. I got a lot of cute stuff. My sister - nothing! We did see the most intense shoplifting bust ever! This girl had about 12 boxes of shoes and the biggest pile of clothes flowing out of her trunk! The cops spent hours (literally) doing inventory on all of the items. She was definitely going to jail. Theft over $1000 is a felony, people!

We had a nice dinner at Dante's Down the Hatch. Lovely fondue but it wasn't the Melting Pot... then again, neither were the prices! They had live crocs but we never saw them. We went to bed early (8:45 for me) and got up for a facial and massage the next day. After that, we met up with my parents and Allen for lunch and some H&M shopping. Now, my sister had ridiculous luck there and ended up getting a lot of cute stuff.

We rushed back to the hotel, got changed and dashed off to the Real Chow Baby. I would say this is one of the best places to eat in Atlanta. The price is amazing and the food is wonderful! We then sprinted across the street for The Fiddler on the Roof. It was beautifully done. We were late so we didn't get our killer seats until intermission. I would have been fine with that but when we got there someone was sitting in them and they said, "Oh sorry. we got here late and they just sat us here." I was peeved! Why didn't they sit us on the same row just in a different seat!?!?! ugh! Oh well. It was still good. Just didn't love the inconsistency.

So do you think we look alike at all? Some people can see it but others say not at all. I dont know.

And Tripp had another month birthday! He is getting so big! I love this sweet guy. He is a busy bee so these pictures are getting harder and harder to take!

He still has the sweetest smile! Love him!

Some of his milestones... he is saying mama and dada and is starting to associate them correctly. He will also say bye and wave (not all of the time but occasionally). He is really trying to walk. He is super busy all of the time... wants to be put down. He is hard to hold if he doesn't want you to hold him. He will not sit still for diaper changes or clothes changes. He is always in a good mood.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Kaylen and Tripp both love the bath right now. It makes it so much easier to stick them both in and let them play. I also used these pictures to play with photoshop actions. So that is why they look old and different.

This is so sweet of them together and many were taken trying to merely get them both looking at the camera!

I love this picture because it shows Tripp getting mad at his big sister who is trying to force him to hug her. I am sure I will have that same scenario for many years to come.

Look at those teeth! I tried so hard to get a picture of them the other day and couldn't. This day he showed them without me even realizing it! That's always how it is.

Things have been jam-packed as always but good times of rest are ahead! I am so looking forward to all of my spring break plans. The kids are going to Atlanta too but we will only see them on Saturday and the rest of the time my parents are watching them. First time! They have lots of fun stuff planned and I know they are going to have a blast. I am excited for them. And if they need us, we are in town. So it really is the best of both worlds. I must say, I am stressed about packing for Tripp. He needs so much! Babies, ugh! I hope to come back with lots of great pictures in a week. Until then, Have a great Spring Break!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Kaylen's Stories and Reading

These two videos are so cute of Kaylen. She is reading so well. She loves to read to me before bed. We are getting really far in her book and she gets so excited to show me what she can do. The first video is of her telling me a story. She cracks me up with her left and right eyes.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Tripp at 9 months and Kaylen in Dance

I am so crazy about my babies!!! They bring me such joy. Kaylen is in a sweet stage of I love yous. She will whisper in my ear that she will love me every day and every night for now and til forever. There are all sorts of variations of that sort of declaration of her love never ending. I will cherish these sweet moments forever. So when she is a teenager and is mad because I wont let her do something she really wants to do I need to come and find this post and be reminded that she does love me. She already promised! :) Here she is in dance. Her teacher told me she is really becoming a leader in the class.

Tripp is getting super mobile! He is always pulling up on furniture like this. I can not get the kid dressed! He wants to go. If I flip him over once, I do it a million times! He is wiggly!

Here he is doing his newest trick. He is really wanting to walk. He is pulling up on any furniture he can find.

You can't fully tell because I knew he would only be doing this for a split second before crashing, but he is standing on his own! He is so daring! K was always my cautious little princess. I had to tear my fingers from her grip but not Tripp. He doesn't want to hold my hands at all. I have to make sure I am near him when he pulls up on furniture because he will try to go it alone and bash his head on things. But that doesn't deter him... he is right back at it again. NO FEAR!!!

Confession: These 9 month pictures were a few days late. I tried to get Allen to take the pictures for me because I was in a hurry. This little guy was not having it! He didn't cooperate at all! The pictures were completely unusable. But I am not faulting Allen, in this shot Tripp is not acting like I want... he is doing what he wants, which is stand. That is all he does!

But he finally did cooperate for me and I got that sweet smile that I have grown to love. And check out how big he is!!! He is solidly wearing 12 month clothes and they are beginning to get snugg. This shirt he has on is 18 months.

Tripp was in the 90% for height, 60% for weight (21 lbs) and his head was like 50% or so.