Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tripp at 8 months

I dont currently have any pictures of Kaylen but I am long overdue so they will be here shortly. What I do have, however, is Tripp being so darn cute! This little man truly loves life. He is the happiest little thing ever. In this first picture of him he is feeding himself in his bed while I did some cleaning in his room (and snuck in a quick picture). He really does make things so easy for me.

Here he is being so cute in our bathtub. Well, what used to be our bathtub. It is now a "hospital" for sick stuffed animals. Kaylen has become a nurse and is caring for all of her many babies who are now sick and stationed in our once bathtub. Anyway, Tripp thought it was a blast to crawl around in there and get in the middle of them all. I hope he doesn't catch anything while hanging out with all those sick babies!

This is how Tripp crawls. This video was a few weeks ago and he is actually up on his arms a bit more these days and much faster than he was. He is also pulling up and cruising around on the furniture. He is fearless though so I have to watch him. He doesn't try to block his fall at all. He will just fall like a tree being cut down... timmmmmberrrrrr!!! He hits his head all the time if I am not right there. Silly boy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Body Bugg

So I have a new gadget that I want. I had a friend from community group tell me all about it. It is called the Body Bugg. I should already know about them but I have been off the biggest loser for a season now. I just can't keep devoting so much time to watching the show, although I absolutely love it. Well, they all wear these body buggs. It calculates how many calories you are burning every day. It is so cool. It uses 4 different types of measurements so it is around 90-something % accurate. How awesome would that be to see clearly how many calories you are expending versus your intake?!?! They are a little pricey so I am not rushing out to get one right away but I am definitely putting it on my wish list!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where have we been?

It wouldn't be a post without a picture so I added this picture of Allen and Kaylen because I think it represents our current state of exhaustion. We have seriously been burning the candle at both ends lately. Before coming back to work we got busy with the holidays and Kaylen's birthday. My sister moved in with me on Dec. 28. I have loved having her here. She got to a place in her life that she decided she wanted to be near family so she packed up and took residence in my bonus room. It has been great to get to know the adult version of her. She is really cool. I am so proud of her. She is making such wise decisions and I am so excited to see where God takes her because of her faithfulness to Him.

Her job allowed her to transfer here so she still has employment. She is looking to find a job with better hours. It is really hard to get involved with a church when she has to be at work by 11. So she goes to an early service and then has to jet out and get to work. She can't volunteer in the evenings and she is missing out on many bible studies that she really wants to do because of her evening hours. Also, her hours are killing me! Last night was the first time I got a full nights sleep in months! It was amazing to sleep 9.5 hours. I am a new person. My brain is working again.

She has made a few friends already so she is not stuck with me all the time. She also found a roommate and an apartment. Actually she got her keys yesterday. So she will be moving out over the next week or so. I am sad to see her go because I have loved spending the time together but I know it will feel more permanent to have her own space here. I am happy for her and she will only be around 15 minutes away from me. She is closer to the medical district (which is closer to downtown and all of the younger crowd).

Some other things we have been involved with: We started a new community group which has 20 people in it with two more considering joining. I call it a mini church! It needs to thin out but we really like everyone and the group has gelled from the beginning so we will see what God has in store with that. I have been to the Manna House a bit more because of my sister going every Thursday. Kaylen has dance but I have been forgetting to take her... so now I have had to double up to make up classes. :) I have been traveling a lot... leadership retreat with our church, Atlanta for my dad's 50th birthday, youth retreat, and an upcoming women's retreat that I am going on with my sister. I am training for another half marathon so I have been running a lot lately. I am doing scale back Alabama (a program that has us losing 10 lbs in 10 weeks) with some co-workers and Allen is also on a team. He is taking classes and his job has become more difficult for various reasons. So we have been living in a house that struggles to stay clean. Running on fumes. A bit on the cranky side, if I am being honest. I havent seen friends very much lately. No time!!! I think things are about to calm down for me though. I have a few fun trips planned for Spring break and summer will be here before we know it! I hope you are all doing well and if I haven't called you lately... I am sorry and now you know why.