Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Official Field Trip

Kaylen and I went on her first field trip to Tate Farms. We had such a blast. She is so crazy about the corn pits... We were late (shock) and that is the first thing they did. We decided to stop by and play in them a while after lunch. It was really fun to see her play with her classmates and act like such a big girl! I forget how she is getting so big and growing so fast. She is such a smart girl. I also love to see her be sweet to her friends at school. Anyway, here are some pictures from the day. She liked the corn, the maze, the goats, and picking out a perfect pumpkin.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Petting Zoo and the ER

Amy, Emily and I decided to take the kids to the petting zoo during Fall Break. The kids had been home all week and we needed an activity to fill a day up with! I am learning that Kaylen is a little skittish of animals. She was not about feeding them. Emily and I went through a Safari that had Emu, Rams, Bulls, Zebras, Alligators and many other animals and K was terrified. Anyway, this wasn't much different. She really didn't want to get too close. She did, however, love the playground. :) Here are some pics from the day:

Tripp and I feeding the sweet Lama.

Kaylen did love the bunnies but one of them started nibbling on her shirt. She threw him down and decided she didn't like that one. She would still hold other ones but not that one.

Me, Tripp and the girls moving along to our next stop.

Kaylen, Andrew and Rylie excited about the adventure. (We had just gotten there)

Kaylen and Rylie. They really are such great friends. I love watching them play together.

This is as close as Kaylen came to the animals. This one goat. He kept putting his head in her bucket.

She did love swinging on the rings.

Kaylen had a little accident that day at the McDonald's. She was standing near another kid when he was swinging a laminate placemat type thing off the order counter. K got a little too close and it swiped her eye. It cut her eyeball from one side to the other. Such a fluke but so scary. We went to the first ER and I accidentally went to the main ER instead of Peads. Ugh! I had to wait with all the deathly ill adults with my two little ones and then be discharged and sent to the right place. I was so mad at myself! Anyway, we got to the right place and the doctors were bringing in all the rookies to check out the cool eye injury. We finally made it to the eye doc and she put some drops in to paralyze the muscle that would continue to spasm until it healed. She then put antibiotic ointment and a patch on. We went back the next day and the eye is almost healed. It should be fine in a few days. Shew! She can see just fine and all will be well. Amazing! So here she is with Tripp. Sweet babies!

Here is the little man that accidentally got her... he brought her flowers! It was so sweet.

And here she is again. She wanted me to draw on her patch... not my best work but I was nervous drawing on a wiggly surface that had a hurt eye under it. :)

PS. I couldn't of made it through that day without Emily and Amy. They were so nice to come with me and help me because I was a mess! And Allen made it there from Cullman in 30 minutes! And that is with a cop stopping him. He didn't get a ticket. Guess he had a good excuse.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tripp is doing new things!

Tripp is 4 months old - 15 pounds and 2 ounces. He is now in 50% range for height and weight. His head size has is now in the 25% range. He has really started to fill out.

His first food was squash. He ate sooo well!

He was a messy eater but he liked it.

This is how much was left over! What a great eater!

He loves bath time now. That took a while for him to adjust but now it is a fun time.

What a sweet little sleeper. I love this little guy.

He is now rolling over from front to back constantly... now for the back to front so he can go back to sleep on his own! He loves his paci. Plays with toys and his hands all the time. Is so happy unless he is hungry or sleepy. He cackles when being tickled under his arms. Such a sweet and loving baby! We are so glad he is a part of our family!