Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kidney Stonessssss....

Okay... so I had a cat scan done of my kidneys because I have been having some pain on my right side. Survey says: many stones. On the right side there were a bunch of little stones and there were 3 on the left side! I dont even hurt on my left side - yet! UGH!!!! I think they can be brought on by stress. I am sure most of you know that I struggled with these when I was a teenager. (2 surgeries to remove and many other times of passing them on my own) It has been quite a while since I have had to deal with this again but if stress can cause them.... I am surprised my kidneys didn't just turn to a complete stone!

I am drinking lots and lots of water to try and get rid of them... here's to hoping it works!

In unrelated news: Check here next week for what should be a great house update week! I think I am getting a tile floor on Saturday (I've been wrong before) and cabinets the following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Granite on the following Monday and appliances should come on Tuesday after that! Home stretch for a kitchen!!!!! I couldn't be more thrilled! Allen and I are both just giddy with excitement. This is waaaay better than birthday gifts (costs more than a birthday too!) Guess you gotta take the good with the bad! Also I would think that the downstairs bathroom should be functioning next week as well... not completed but functioning at least! Our tile guy has been sick a lot lately and so progress on the tile side is always slow in coming (but he is really good so he is worth waiting for). Have a great weekend! I think Hollie could be having her baby any day now! Keep her in your prayers! Allen and I are going on a youth retreat this weekend! Yahoo!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

House Updates

These first two images are Kaylen being too cute this morning. I was telling her to smile... she was cracking me up!

I tried to label these images so they didnt all look like white blobs... but things are happening!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Okay... I hate doing a second post without pictures... it is like an excitement then a let down. I tried to take house updates but I cant find the charger for my camera and it is dead... so stay tuned... maybe i will find it while i clean this weekend. You never know!

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that Kaylen is doing better. She has fluid in her ears and is beginning to cut her 2 year molars... I thought they had just come in but I guess that was some other sort of molar set. Anyway, her fussiness is, in part, due to that. Next she has no schedule. So for the last few days (maybe all weekish) we have had her on a bedtime routine and this is helping (i think). That is not to say that we are void of the tantrums she was throwing (for hours). But they are lessening and we are seeing her sweet self again. Allen and I both had great nights with her the past two nights. Thanks to everyone for their prayers with all of this. I have really felt it!
We seem to be nearing the end of things with the house(around Feb 15 most things should be completed). When all is finished we are going to have a big summer bash!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I dont really want to get in to the details about things on here because tons of people read this that I dont even know about... but I do want to ask for your prayers. We are having major problems with Kaylen. I dont know what to do with her. Our current situations with her aren't working out. Allen is frustrated, I am frustrated, and Kaylen is definitely frustrated. Something has to give. Our world is chaotic... I think that is getting to her. She needs structure and isn't getting it - ever! We eat out every night and tons of guys are in our house every day. I have been trying to get in to see the doctor and I cant. I hate that place and that is really sad to me because I love my doctor... just hate the practice. We are all sick, which only compounds things. I really just want to cry. I dont know what to do. Please pray.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In the ER AGAIN!!!

So Kaylen is becoming a pro at the ER thing. Last night about 7:15 Allen went out to get us some Taco Bell for dinner. (very healthy!)As soon as he left Kaylen found the Pedi Care Multi-cold formula (grape flavored) and drank it like it was a juice box. First of all, I have no idea how she got the child proof cap off! It was a new bottle ( I had only given it to her twice which accounts for 2 tsp). I immediately called poison control. They had me measure out how much was left in the container to see if we could figure out how much she consumed. I measured out 10.5 tsp. So now we are at 12.5 tsp and there was about a tsp or 1.5 tsp on the ground. That brings us to around 13.5 - 14 tsp accounted for which meant she consumed 10 tsp. Since 1 tsp is a dose, that is quite a bit! I was on the phone forever with poison control. That lady kept putting me on HOLD! Who does that to a person with a poisoned baby?!?!?!?! So naturally when she told me to hold for a third time I had to ask if she thought my baby's little life might be endangered. Then she freaked out on me too and I really think that is why we ended up in the hospital. We were right over the line of too much for her size. Anyway, she asked me how far I was from the hospital and I said 10 min. She said she would tell them I would be there in 10 min then. So I had to leave immediately.. Allen still gone (I thought taco bell was just down the street but apparaently it was in Mexico last night). OH, and did I mention that he left his phone at the house? Yeah, he did and I couldn't reach him. So I had to leave. I called Emily and (she is the greatest friend ever by the way) she came to my house to drive Allen to the hospital so we wouldnt have two cars there. He got home before she got there and was worried that no one was there and all the doors were left unlocked and called.. his dad! Anyway, since his dad was fine, he called us and I caught him up to speed. Kaylen and I walked in to the Peadiatric ER and they had me begin to sign in... wouldn't you know it, she puked all over the place! Her timing couldn't have been better. 1. I didn't have to clean it (there were nurses for that) and 2. we got right in! Oh, and i was freaking out by now because I dont do throw up so when the lady asked for me to give her the papers and to just tell her the info and she would write... i dropped them (all of them) right in the middle of the throw up!
Anyway, all was fine. When she threw up that kept them from having to pump her stomach or anything. They just had to monitor her for 4 hrs! So we finally got out of there around 11:30.

BTW... why are so many doctors big time nerds?!?!? (Minus your dad, Katherine ;)and anyone else with family or friends who are doctors that are normal) It is like they are so smart but can't have a normal conversation! I liked our doc but he told us about some super accurate clock in Boulder, CO that his wrist watch was linked to... and something about this is why we have planes on auto pilot and have planes that fly themselves in war to drop bombs... or something like that! WHO CARES?!?!?! IT'S 11:00 AND WE ARE TIRED! CAN WE NOT JUST GO HOME?... I THINK SHE WILL LIVE AT THIS POINT! Anyway, he informed me that i should wikipedia what he was talking about and do a little research on it because it really was interesting... riiiight.

We did have a fairly good time there (considering where we were and all). Kaylen called her Mamoo and Pahpaw (as she calles them) and talked to them FOREVER! She really was trying to tell them what all was going on... she would make gestures and every now and then you could tell that she was talking about the events (a word here and there made sense). It was really cute. She was the best little girl. I was so proud of her.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A few house updates

All of these pictures look alike.. lots and lots of boards! But I will try to explain:

This first picture is the downstairs bathroom... we should have a tiled floor in here started at least this weekend.

This is the master bathroom. They have the walls all started.

The dark black hole to the right will be the shower. We are making it deeper and adding shower heads to both sides of it.

The back beams is where the jet tub is going. We are contemplating putting in a skylight because we dont have outside light in the bathroom but due to funds, that may be a later project... we will see!

To the left is where the new additional closet is going to be.

Look at this pic... it is the kitchen!!! we have started getting a new subfloor... when i came home yesterday there were just beams and crawl space. It is wierd to see dirt below in your own home. I felt rather primitive but by the time they left this is what it looked like! We should be getting tile in here by this weekend as well! All of my kitchen cabinets are sitting in my garage waiting on a ready room!

A three post day... I know!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kaylen!!

Kaylen's birthday party was a huge success!!! Since my house is all ripped apart we decided to do a Chuckie Cheese party. What a great idea!!! All of the kids seemed to have a wonderful time. They danced and played games. It was a lot of fun! Nevermind the fact that it was really easy to plan for and clean up after! Pooh came to Kaylen's party and she was so excited! She drug him along everywhere she went. She never got tired of seeing him. It was too cute! I have included tons of random pics. I realized when I got home that I dont have a pic of Hollie, or the Martins!!! UGH! I also didn't get any pics of either set of grandparents?!?!?! What is wrong wtih me?!?! I did get Kaylen though and she had a blast!

It's about time I post some Christmas!!!

Christmas was extremely enjoyable! Christmas Eve we went to church and then went to look at christmas lights. It was freezing since I wasn't dressed for it but really fun nonetheless. We came home and lit a fire to roast marshmellows on. Then we let Kaylen open one gift. It was PJ's!!! The next day was a blast and Kaylen got more gifts than she could ever dream of playing with!! It was really fun to watch her get so excited! Sorry it has taken me so long to post all of this... I have been really busy lately.