Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kaylen!!

Kaylen's birthday party was a huge success!!! Since my house is all ripped apart we decided to do a Chuckie Cheese party. What a great idea!!! All of the kids seemed to have a wonderful time. They danced and played games. It was a lot of fun! Nevermind the fact that it was really easy to plan for and clean up after! Pooh came to Kaylen's party and she was so excited! She drug him along everywhere she went. She never got tired of seeing him. It was too cute! I have included tons of random pics. I realized when I got home that I dont have a pic of Hollie, or the Martins!!! UGH! I also didn't get any pics of either set of grandparents?!?!?! What is wrong wtih me?!?! I did get Kaylen though and she had a blast!


Anonymous said...

How much fun!!! I am so sad I was out of town and not able to be there. I love the picture where she is kissing Pooh on the nose.
I'll go ahead and comment on the Christmas ones too-how cute is she?!? It looks she was really good this year and Santa brought her alot of fun new toys.:)

Shannon said...

Um, that is so cute!!! I love her little hat and that cake is absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday Kaylen! :)