Friday, January 11, 2008

A few house updates

All of these pictures look alike.. lots and lots of boards! But I will try to explain:

This first picture is the downstairs bathroom... we should have a tiled floor in here started at least this weekend.

This is the master bathroom. They have the walls all started.

The dark black hole to the right will be the shower. We are making it deeper and adding shower heads to both sides of it.

The back beams is where the jet tub is going. We are contemplating putting in a skylight because we dont have outside light in the bathroom but due to funds, that may be a later project... we will see!

To the left is where the new additional closet is going to be.

Look at this pic... it is the kitchen!!! we have started getting a new subfloor... when i came home yesterday there were just beams and crawl space. It is wierd to see dirt below in your own home. I felt rather primitive but by the time they left this is what it looked like! We should be getting tile in here by this weekend as well! All of my kitchen cabinets are sitting in my garage waiting on a ready room!

A three post day... I know!!!


Ashley said...

Looking GREAT! I love the progress! You guys will have it done before you know it. I love the big bathroom. How fun! Will be just like Mossy Bank =)

Amy said...

We've had trouble with skylights leaking in two houses. Maybe it's a good thing to skip! I can't wait to see the finished product!