Thursday, January 03, 2008

House Changes as of yesterday

Emily helped me decorate my house... isn't she talented!?!?! I just wanted to show off some of the new pieces she helped me with. This one is in the office.

Above the couch is a new item we found. It was exactly what I had in mind!

This is the current state of the kitchen (not much different from the last update but it should be soon. I think the tile should be laid this weekend... let's all keep our fingers crossed!)

This is the state of the current bathroom downstairs. The kitchen and the bathroom downstairs are both supposed to be done around the end of the month... we will see how that goes!

This is a shot of the cabinets that I glazed. I think they look more homey than before. It wasn't that hard to do. If I wouldn't have done it wrong in the beginning it would have been extremely easy!!!

This is the start of the master bath. This project should be done last (as far as inside projects go). I am just glad to see progress!

These last two are of the dining room. All that is left to do in there is to add some crown moulding squares in the bottom half of the room and paint the bottom half in a glossy white... and viola!!! I like to see progress!!! I think we may put some sort of rug or something under the table... we will see!

Christmas pics are coming... I have a ton of cute ones! Maybe I will have time tomorrow but dont hold your breath! I have a ton to get done tomorrow!


Ashley said...

Dawn, looks great! Emily did a fine job! And, i like the cabinets. That is what I was going for with my kitchen and learn!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Looks like you guys have been working hard. The place looks great so far. I bet you can't wait for the kitchen tiles to be done. Now you are glazing shelves. Tell me - what can't you do???

Anonymous said...

Everything looks wonderful!!! I am so happy things are beginning to come together. Have fun at the bday party-see you soon!