Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I love Laci

Okay... no pictures but I have to blog about what went on in my household last night... it is too ironical not to!

First of all, I hate my dog, Laci. Really it is my fault for not training her but that doesn't lessen the hatred I have for her. She is the WORST dog ever! I swear she pees anytime I get within a 100 yd radius of her! I know it is because I beat her for peeing... so it is a vicious cycle... what came first the peeing or the beating? We just go round and round. Anyway, last night she jumped up on my bed. So I tell her to get down... what does she do?!?!?! You guessed it! She peed all over the comforter! Talk about wanting to throw her down the stairs!!!!! So we haven't tried out our washing machine because we don't have the correct plug for our dryer... why wash if you cant dry? I'll tell you why... because your dog peed on your comforter - that's why! So I shove my gigantic WHITE comforter into my washing machine and wash it in the hottest water with bleach and lots of detergent added. I happen to walk into the kitchen to get some water... what do i see?!?!?! Water all over the laundry room!!! The drain in the back wasn't hooked up! Who thinks to check silly things like that!?!?! So Allen and I spent a very long time clearing everything out of that room and mopping up the floor. When you don't have a washer or dryer, messes like this are very difficult. We had to find a few towels that could be thrown away because we CANT WASH THEM!!! (Are you sensing my frustration yet?) So we finally get everything cleaned and put back together, the comforter is now being washed and the water is draining out correctly and what to we realize? There was a wet/dry vac that we moved out of the laundry room so that we could clean it!!!! Who is that stupid? We are! But we don't know who's wet/dry vac that is... we don't own one. Well, I guess we do now but we didn't know we did! Anyway, it was quite the event... nothing is easy these days and even when it is we choose the harder route! UGH!

PS... anyone want a cute little loveable Boston Terrier? She is about 6 months old and a real joy. She needs a good home where someone actually has time to like her. In all seriousness I want to get rid of her big time but Allen wont let me... so I am stuck with a peeing little piece of crap. I shall continue to refer to her as little mistake.


Amanda said...

Oh my...that doesn't sound like fun. If I could talk Taylor into letting us adopt Laci I would. Not going to happen though. I've always wanting a B.T. with bladder control problems :)

Ashley said...

Oh, Dawn, when it rains, it pours - but you will persevere! Throw that dog outside in this 30 degree weather and see what she thinks of staying out until she empties her bladder!

EmilyFox said...

I know it didn't seem funny to you at the time, but I just laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes reading your Laci fiasco! My little mistake....hysterical! I am laughing with you, not at you!!

Jesse, Jess, & Corban said...

Too funny! I meant to send you a comment Monday night when I was at work (you see, the only time I spend looking at my friends' blogs is when I'm at work!) but I forgot and then I got your comment today:) Your house looks awesome! Well, I mean, the vision of your house looks awesome:) Hang in there! I'll be praying that the Lord gives you an extra dose of patience while all this work is being done- you can do it! And enjoy your Christmas- I'm sure Kaylen is going to be a ton of fun this year!!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Just pee on her right back. she'll get the message