Friday, December 07, 2007

Take a deep breath...

my kitchen.... wow.

the ceiling in my kitchen. They are reworking the pipes so that we can raise the ceiling.

Another shot of my kitchen... there is a ladder and the vanity to the upstairs bathroom!

Kaylen was sitting all of her backyardagain creatures on the stairs and posed in front of them for me. She wanted me to take her picture... first time ever!

My garage. notice where the doors should be... there are windows and a sliding glass door. Nevermind all of the junk in the middle... just wait...

check out the walls in the garage! A guy is working on all of this right now.

Another view of the kitchen and you can see all of our junk just piled up! We cant find ANYTHING!!!!

Here is my one lone toilet. Pretty yucky. At least I can potty (can you tell I have a toddler?) and brush my teeth and wash my hands!

This is upstairs in the bonus room. It is soooo messy - we have no closets (i will explain why in a min)! And this picture is out of order and I am too lazy to move it around... so we will go back downstairs for the more pics before coming back upstairs.

This is the living room. The only area in the house that doesnt make you want to cry. I am going to do a mocha glaze on the cabinets and I have all new hardware to add. We are going to get a new mantle for christmas and then we will change out that silly gold insert. BTW... all my plants and flowers wont stay there... just dont have anywhere else to put them right now.

This is the office to be. Right now it is full of stuff (as is everything!) I cant wait to get things somewhat organized!

Another view of the office. This room will be rather cozy when it is done. I think we will spend a good bit of time in here since Allen is always doing work on the computer.

This is the dining room. Other than organizing it and cleaning it out, there isnt a ton to be done in here. A chair railing type thing but that is it!

This is going to be Kaylen's room but right now it has a ton of stuff in it!!! Noticing a theme here? Maybe complete chaos?

This is Kaylen's second closet that they are adding. Going to be great!

The other side of Kaylen's closet in the bonus room. We just moved the door.

This is the bonus room. Oh my!!! Every time I walk in here... I walk out. This room is so packed to the brim. We dont have closets so our clothes are strewn out everywhere!

Okay, closet explaination... 1. the master closet and kaylen's closet are having doors moved and cant be used. So I put my clothes in this closet noticing before that the far left side wasnt really attached... in the middle of the night i heard a loud crash... this is what I found. Allen had the closet in the bonus room but in the process of the move a few large heavy objects blocked off the entrance, like the air hockey table and two matteresses!!! So we literally have NO closets!

This is where we are sleeping in the guest bedroom. We had to move all of our really heavy furniture in here and we will have to eventually move it into our room :(.

This is where we should be bathing by Monday... anyone else concerned?

Another shot of where the vanity is supposed to go... yikes!

And the last image of our scary bathroom that is our only hope of normalcy!!!

This is where our master closet door used to be and the door to storage...

This is where they are now. I hope this is done soon so we can move our stuff into it!

This is the other side of our master... the built-ins will be in the new bathroom when it is done. So that gives you an idea of how we are expanding the bathroom.

Check out the master shower right now. What a scary dungeon!

The current vanity in there... nice!

The front of my house.. dumpster and all! notice the shingle falling off of the roof - classy! We will be doing architectural shingles on the new roof!

The front steps in the beginning stages. We are flagstoning the steps. They will be cool when they are done!

The side of the house... can you say sanford and sons? No wonder we havent met our neighbors - they hate us for making this house look worse than it already did!

There goes all of our pipes to our house!

Yes. that is a truck in my backyard! I told you I was getto-ing this place out! That belongs to the tree guys that are cutting down a few trees for us. We are hoping to clear it out enough to get some grass to grow!

And this is just a shot of my leaf yard! Have you ever seen so many leaves!?!?! yikes! Good thing allen got a backpack leaf blower - he is going to need it!


Jodi said...


Anonymous said...

Anytime ya'll need a break from the chaos you know you are welcome at our house anytime. Have fun in Nashville this weekend!!!

Ashley said...


But, I see promise. Remember, you can live in any type of conditions for a short while! When all is put away, you will have so much more room! Whohoo!

Anonymous said...

WOW, Dawn!!! You are going to need a vacation after y'all finish everything on that house. You might need periodic relaxing spa treatments in the mean time. I am sure the end product will be great though. You definitely have a vision!


EmilyFox said...

how the heck did you have time to post all these pics with your hectic schedule? You never cease to amaze me! The house is going to be gorgeous when you finish...& the best part is, we are minutes from each other! Come over anytime!