Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kaylen's Fat Lip

We were at Opry Land Hotel eating at the Cascades. The waiter brought some unexpected dessert and at that moment Kaylen fell and split her lip open on the table. We couldn't tell if her teeth had cut through the lip or not (neither could the doctors because she wouldn't let anyone look!) We went to the first hospital and they sent us to Vanderbilt so that a pediatric plastic surgeon could sew her up. Apparently the scarring would be lessened if we did that. The kicker was that they had to put her to sleep to stitch her. So they had to put an IV in her tiny little hand. The first try her vein blew. You can imagine how much she was screaming and we still had to do it again! Thankfully the second one worked. They gave her 3 stitches and found out that the teeth had not come through the lip (Praise God!!) So we are all okay and we are praying for her lip to have as little of a scar as possible. The hardest part is keeping her snotty nose from running on her cut (gross, i know!) and keeping her from picking at her stitches. I wish I could remember what sleep was!

Oh, and our tile guy got the flu so we still don't have a shower! Don't know when we will! Anyone want to trade lives for a few months? I need a break. Well, I don't want to trade with you, Jodi... but anyone else! ;)

This was right after she woke up from anesthesia... obviously!!! :)

This was from this morning. The swelling is getting better.


Ashley said...

Dawn - what a nightmare! When it rains, it pours, huh? I just am so glad ya'll have a good attitude about all this. You are doing so good with all the chaos - God is certainly teaching you something. Do Kat and I need to spend the night tonight to play housekeeping, mover, and nurse to Kaylen?

Anonymous said...

Hey-Kaylin still manages to look cute even with a fat lip.:) See you tonight-i actually made my dessert that I am bringing all by myself!!!

dawn wilson said...

check out the turnbulls blog for a funny rendition...


Jodi said...

haha. DARN - I was going to take you up on that! :)