Thursday, June 29, 2006

A day in the life of Kaylen Faith

So my mom is always posting pictures on this site and I decided I wanted to let you guys know what a day in my life was like. Well, I do the same thing over and over again so I am keeping it short and sweet... just my evening activities. Just so you know I am about to turn 6 months old!

okay... so in this first picture I am feeding myself some dinner - green beans and applesause. I love that meal! One of my favorites!

After that I am in desperate need of a bath! I dont mind though because I have Mr. Ducky in there with me. He makes bathtime so much fun... wait, is that a song?

After I put my PJ's on I play with my toys with mama. I am so strong these days. I am sitting up pretty good, and I get up on all fours these days. I cant figure out what to do next and I am still sorta wobbly.

Anyway, all that playing made me tired and so I tuckered out.

THE END~ Stay tuned... more days to follow!

The Lake

Alright.... I didnt take that many pictures while at the lake and they all seem to be with Amber. Nonetheless, here are the best images I've got! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why Doesn't Anyone Leave a Comment?

I will post more pics very soon but I have been hearing through the grapevine that a lot more people than I think are checking out the blog. I really dont update it very often because I thought the only people that looked at this were Ashley and Jodi. So I am guessing that you just dont know how to leave a comment or you definitely would! Here is how you do it. At the end of each post there is a little word at the bottom... comments. click on that and then you can leave one whether you have an account or not. If you dont have an account just leave a comment under other or anonymous. Please comment for me! I love to hear from you all! Anyway, I will update pictures very soon!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Our Trip to Destin

Okay.... so all these pictures are in the room. every time i took the camera outside with us it was too crazy to remember to take a picture... so this is the best i've got.

this next picture is actually not at the beach... it is at our neighborhood pool and my friend Ashley took it for me... it is the only picture i have of kaylen in her bathing suit! What was my degree in again? why am i never camera ready?

and this is when we first got to the beach and stopped for a bite to eat at the mellow mushroom. kaylen had sweet potatoes and peas. how sad for her. :( she enjoyed being out of the car finally! she was thinking that was our new home!!!!