Monday, June 05, 2006

Our Trip to Destin

Okay.... so all these pictures are in the room. every time i took the camera outside with us it was too crazy to remember to take a picture... so this is the best i've got.

this next picture is actually not at the beach... it is at our neighborhood pool and my friend Ashley took it for me... it is the only picture i have of kaylen in her bathing suit! What was my degree in again? why am i never camera ready?

and this is when we first got to the beach and stopped for a bite to eat at the mellow mushroom. kaylen had sweet potatoes and peas. how sad for her. :( she enjoyed being out of the car finally! she was thinking that was our new home!!!!


Ashley said...

So cute! I hope you are better at taking pictures when I have a baby--I will need some back-up =)

Jodi said...


I miss ya! Sign on to MSN once in awhile so we can talk! :)

MeMe said... are adorable and MeMe loves you dearly. You can say it... MeeMee. Mom and Dad you are both awesome!!! and I love and miss you both!! Hugs and Kisses! MeMe