Monday, August 22, 2011

Casey Cooper Photography: Part Tripp

Tripp is much more difficult to photograph than sweet Kaylen. He is wild and busy all the time. He also does much better when Kaylen is around so you will see lots of pictures of him with people and few of him alone. He was definitely not feeling this photo shoot either.

With that being said, Casey still did a great job making it look like he was being sweet instead of cranky and hot. :) Check her out at

This was one of the last pictures so you can see Tripp is a bit over it. Still a really cute pic though.

Out of both of my kids. Tripp is the one that absolutely loves all things golf. Golfcart was one of his first words. If the kid is ever in a bad mood, just offer to take him for a ride. That will make everything perfect in his world. He loves golf balls and trying to hit them with his clubs. So you will see the most amount of concentration in this picture.
Look at him taking it all in and actually looking at the ball! I am telling you, there is something about boys and sports. So crazy.
He really does love his sister. It is so much fun to watch them together. One of their favorite things to do is to jump on my living room furniture. I allow it. They love it. They will jump from the ottoman to the couch and back.
This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the two of them. It is also probably one of the few times Tripp was actually smiling! Only K can bring that out in him!

Here they were playing chase. So sweet.

Tripp is definitely a daddy's boy. Although, if given the choice, he will always choose his Papaw. That kid absolutely loves his Papaw. Cries every time he leaves. Cries every time he think he might have to leave. Cries at the sight of me knowing that I am going to take him away. Seriously attached.

Tripp is so full of life. He says the funniest things. He is definitely more vocal than K was at this age. I think that is because there are more people to talk to. He likes to get in to things like medicine. I can't tell you how many times I have had to grab some type of medicine away from him before he eats it. The only way to get him to eat is to tell him that it is your food and he better not eat it. This will get him to quickly shove anything in. Ugh. He is always smiling and is very expressive with his eyebrows. He likes to cross his arms when he is scolding you. (which he shouldn't be doing but tries anyway). Tripp makes me smile. He is full of life and is waaaaay more opinionated than his sister. I love the dynamic he brings to the mix. Oh, and his favorite thing to do is jump knees first onto his daddy.

Casey Cooper Photography: Part Kaylen

We had these pictures taken by Casey Cooper this summer. (Please use her if you are looking for a photographer because she is great!

Here are a few of Kaylen she took. I love the look on Kaylen's face in this first one. Sheer excitement. This girl loooves to fish! This is usually something she does with her daddy.
We took these pictures by our house and both of my kids really like golf right now. I hope it is something they will take up when they get a little older but we will see. :)

I just love her little face. I know I am bias but I think she is beautiful. Her face just says sweetness to me.
I had to put a picture of her in here with her daddy. They have been having daddy/daughter dates and she loves to wrestle with him as well. They are snuggle buddies too. She loves to spend just a few min. in the morning snuggled in with her daddy before she has to get up and get ready for school.
She has been my girl lately. We get to spend so much more time together now that she is in school. I love this time that we have been given. I hope we are always this close.
This picture is my favorite. She is such a cutie. Just love her.

Kaylen is at such a great age right now. I feel like I say that alot but she is a joy (most of the time). :) She loves to be the mom when playing any make believe game. That is always the role she wants. She has such a big imagination these days. She really wants to please people as well. So the other day she got a treasure for getting 5 greens at school. She picked out a dinosaur type creature that had a crown on that lit up. She told me that last Tuesday her toy's eyes shrank and now she couldn't see very well. She said she thought we needed to go see Nurse Jana and make sure she was okay. She is always telling jokes. They NEVER make any sense! :) She really likes to tell them though. Usually they go something like this: Why did the walls hold up the ceiling? Because they were painted green! HAAA. I always tell her that didn't make sense. She doesn't seem to care because she just goes right on telling them. This year she has made friends with a few girls right off the bat. I am so glad for that! They are Savannah, Rachel and then I have heard Anna and Avery. So she is adjusting perfectly. I love how she tries to help Tripp. He doesn't always let her but she is always looking out for him. She is also easy to please. She will wear anything I want to put on her and she never complains about it. She isn't always quick with her manners and this is an area we are working on but other than that... she is an absolute angel. Kaylen, thank you for being you these past 5 years because I have really enjoyed being your momma!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I have been on a kick lately. All I do is sew these days. I think it is because I am realizing my clothes making days are numbered with my sweet girl. Anyway, I already put one outfit I made on here and that was the one she wore on her first day of school. It is Wednesday and I have made two more outfits for her to wear already this week. This outfit is what I like to call free. I made it using only things I had at home. I didn't buy one single item for it! It was a really fun exercise. I had to piece some fabrics together and make things work. It was a mental challenge to get everything to match and fit with the pieces I had. If you have lots of scrapes at home, you should try to do something like this. It ended up so cute (I think the free part makes it even cuter for some reason).
Well, when Kay comes in here in a few minutes I will take a picture of the other outfit I made this week and add it to this post. I may collect some pictures of the other items I have been making and add them here as well. :)

She was acting silly but here it is. You can't really tell but there is a flower on the apron that has buttons as the center of it. Ricrac is the stem.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tripp's "Second" Day of School...

In typical second child fashion, I forgot to take pictures on his first day... so he gets second day pictures. :) He doesn't LOOOVE having his picture taken these days anyway. One thing he does love... his backpack! This kid likes wearing that backpack. Tripp is my kid with such a sense of humor. He is always furrowing those eyebrows and saying, "hummm... let me see." while tapping on his lips with his first finger. It is so stinking cute.

In this picture he is trying to get into his lunchbox. We had a meltdown after the pictures because he realized I meant no. At least I got smiles first! We are officially in the swing of things at our house. We have almost one week down and we have all (minus Allen) been going to bed by 9. The kids are around 8:30 and then I head on in to my room completely exhausted! I will adjust soon enough. :) Hope everyone else is adjusting to the first week of school!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

First day of Kindergarten!

Kaylen had the best day yesterday! She loves school. We take first day pictures each year right outside on our way to where ever we are going. (Tripp didn't get his picture taken this morning... :( I just remembered that. )

Anyway, She was nervous and excited all at the same time. I never put a picture of the other outfit I made on facebook but here it is. I have one more I need to sew together that I have already cut out. I may get to that tonight. We will see! :)

We each took a turn getting our picture made with her. I am so excited for her! :) I did get a little emotional even though I know she is fine and in the building with me. It is just hard to think of her this old.
I think all of this will be hardest on Tripp. He is so used to spending his days with her. My inlaws said he spent the day asking where K was. :( She is such a great big sis and she really does watch out for him.
Allen may kill me for this picture because he gets up with us and makes sure we get out the door before he gets himself ready. So I had to force him to get in the picture anyway! :) This ended up being one of my favorite pictures of the day! I love that look on her face. He has been so patient with her lately. He will sit down with her and work through a puzzle or activity and he asks her questions and lets her figure out the answer on her own. I tend to get too antsy and tell her what to put. I guess this is one area that I am glad he is a part of the slow club in. She learns so much more with him than me! I love watching that too.
This is Kaylen's teacher. Since meeting her, Kaylen has pretended to be her on a very regular basis. I have never seen Kaylen take to a teacher as quickly as she has this one. Just look at how sweet she looks?!?! How can Kaylen help but love her! I am soooooo thankful that K will have the experience of having her as a teacher this year!
I have to say... the best part of my day yesterday was K running in my room at 2:35 with the biggest smile on her face and asking her how her day was. Since it was so fresh I got more information out of her. But the first thing she said was, "Mom, I really want to know how your day was." Really?!?!?! My day was full of 7th graders and me doing all the talking of first day boring rules stuff... Let's get back to you. Sweet baby! I hope she always thinks of others like that.