Monday, August 22, 2011

Casey Cooper Photography: Part Tripp

Tripp is much more difficult to photograph than sweet Kaylen. He is wild and busy all the time. He also does much better when Kaylen is around so you will see lots of pictures of him with people and few of him alone. He was definitely not feeling this photo shoot either.

With that being said, Casey still did a great job making it look like he was being sweet instead of cranky and hot. :) Check her out at

This was one of the last pictures so you can see Tripp is a bit over it. Still a really cute pic though.

Out of both of my kids. Tripp is the one that absolutely loves all things golf. Golfcart was one of his first words. If the kid is ever in a bad mood, just offer to take him for a ride. That will make everything perfect in his world. He loves golf balls and trying to hit them with his clubs. So you will see the most amount of concentration in this picture.
Look at him taking it all in and actually looking at the ball! I am telling you, there is something about boys and sports. So crazy.
He really does love his sister. It is so much fun to watch them together. One of their favorite things to do is to jump on my living room furniture. I allow it. They love it. They will jump from the ottoman to the couch and back.
This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the two of them. It is also probably one of the few times Tripp was actually smiling! Only K can bring that out in him!

Here they were playing chase. So sweet.

Tripp is definitely a daddy's boy. Although, if given the choice, he will always choose his Papaw. That kid absolutely loves his Papaw. Cries every time he leaves. Cries every time he think he might have to leave. Cries at the sight of me knowing that I am going to take him away. Seriously attached.

Tripp is so full of life. He says the funniest things. He is definitely more vocal than K was at this age. I think that is because there are more people to talk to. He likes to get in to things like medicine. I can't tell you how many times I have had to grab some type of medicine away from him before he eats it. The only way to get him to eat is to tell him that it is your food and he better not eat it. This will get him to quickly shove anything in. Ugh. He is always smiling and is very expressive with his eyebrows. He likes to cross his arms when he is scolding you. (which he shouldn't be doing but tries anyway). Tripp makes me smile. He is full of life and is waaaaay more opinionated than his sister. I love the dynamic he brings to the mix. Oh, and his favorite thing to do is jump knees first onto his daddy.


Jean said...

Love this post. Love it.

Mimi said...

Tripp is so adorable. I had to laugh about him getting into everything. It reminded me of how he grabbed the chocolate syrup that was for my birthday brownie and went to town. Gotta love that guy!!!!