Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tripp's "Second" Day of School...

In typical second child fashion, I forgot to take pictures on his first day... so he gets second day pictures. :) He doesn't LOOOVE having his picture taken these days anyway. One thing he does love... his backpack! This kid likes wearing that backpack. Tripp is my kid with such a sense of humor. He is always furrowing those eyebrows and saying, "hummm... let me see." while tapping on his lips with his first finger. It is so stinking cute.

In this picture he is trying to get into his lunchbox. We had a meltdown after the pictures because he realized I meant no. At least I got smiles first! We are officially in the swing of things at our house. We have almost one week down and we have all (minus Allen) been going to bed by 9. The kids are around 8:30 and then I head on in to my room completely exhausted! I will adjust soon enough. :) Hope everyone else is adjusting to the first week of school!

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