Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I have been on a kick lately. All I do is sew these days. I think it is because I am realizing my clothes making days are numbered with my sweet girl. Anyway, I already put one outfit I made on here and that was the one she wore on her first day of school. It is Wednesday and I have made two more outfits for her to wear already this week. This outfit is what I like to call free. I made it using only things I had at home. I didn't buy one single item for it! It was a really fun exercise. I had to piece some fabrics together and make things work. It was a mental challenge to get everything to match and fit with the pieces I had. If you have lots of scrapes at home, you should try to do something like this. It ended up so cute (I think the free part makes it even cuter for some reason).
Well, when Kay comes in here in a few minutes I will take a picture of the other outfit I made this week and add it to this post. I may collect some pictures of the other items I have been making and add them here as well. :)

She was acting silly but here it is. You can't really tell but there is a flower on the apron that has buttons as the center of it. Ricrac is the stem.


EmilyFox said...

Super cute!!!!I wish I had those skills!!! Love, love, love the outfits!!

Mimi said...

Love the outfit. Of course Kaylen's sweet face makes it most adorable!!