Monday, April 09, 2012


My babies were ready to get up and start this Easter day! The Easter Bunny does come but we put very little emphasis on him and I really think he will one day blow Santa's cover but he comes anyway and my two do get so excited to see what has been left. We have made it a tradition to hide some plastic stuffed eggs around the downstairs and have them find them and then give them a small basket of stuff.

One of the favorite things in the baskets this year were those grabbers. I have to say, they are fairly nifty. They remind me of something you would use to pick up garbage off the side of the road. Maybe I am getting them ready for the wrong line of work. All I know is they loved it.
This is right before church and we snagged a quick pic as we rushed out the door! Always in a hurry and always late! UGH! But by this picture you would think all was going smooth and perfect! Love those sweet smiles!!!!

Isn't it so hard to get a picture of your entire family?!?! We almost did. I look silly for some reason. I am usually not our problem but I was this year. Well, and Kaylen wanted to give silly faces at all times. This is a head from another picture for her but that's the best I could do. She wasn't smiling in this picture at all. I had to cheat! :)
My kids absolutely love their Papaw. Kaylen requested this picture. When she wants one she does perfect. What a sweet picture.
The Wilson side. We always get pictures of everyone and then change close really quick so we can eat some lunch!
Allen and his daddy.
We actually thought to get one of the two of us! That never happens!
Amber and I have many years of Easter pictures and I am so glad we do. I love that her and Micah and Mr. Kerry come over for our Easter. Mr. Kerry is Micah's dad and holidays wouldn't be the same without him anymore!
The kids with my parents. If you will notice, this is the same face that Kaylen has in her picture with us. hehe...
Me and my sweet girl. I made the flower on her dress this year. I felt like she needed a pop of color.
My girl is getting so big! She is a joy to have around.
This little man is a stinker but I can't imagine life without him! He is hard as can be to get a picture of because he is always moving. But he really has a big heart and is so loving.
By this time my little ones were getting hungry so the smiles were fading.
we dyed eggs after lunch, Aunt Christy and Uncle Wayne came over, and we hunted those eggs. Tripp broke them all immediately. It was a mess this year. Tons of fun but gross. The dogs ate some of the eggs, shells and all. The food was delish and everyone contributed to it. We also always churn some homemade ice cream while we hunt eggs so that was a nice treat as well. So thankful for what Christ did for us and so glad to celebrate with family. I love having everyone over and the weather has been beautiful the last few years!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Chattanooga for Spring Break!

Warning: This post will be long with lots of pictures!

We went on our 2nd annual trip to Chattanooga with the Foxes and the Boltons! All of our kids got along so well and it is so much fun to watch them interact.

This is when we first arrived. The girls were so excited!!
There were a lot of vendors out in front of the aquarium. This particular one had free coloring pages. Kaylen was done for. She would have stayed there and worked on that all day long. Notice how she holds her pencil though. I can't seem to break her of this. We are trying special pencils and everything. This is her only bad grade on her report card. :)

Kaylen was all excited about trying to "pet" this fish until she actually got to. That look on her face is priceless!

This picture speaks for itself. I swear that Kaylen should have been Emily's child though because they are both totally posers. I laugh whenever I look through all these pictures of both of them. This may be the only pic that K is not posing! :) Tripp is the only one missing because he took an extra long nap and didn't see the second half of the aquarium.
Here are all the kids that made the second half of the trip. Poor Cohen took a spill right before our trip so he has a skinned up face all weekend. :( It didn't keep him down though.
The good thing about Tripp skipping out is that Kaylen and I got a little time together. I enjoy getting some alone time with each of my kiddos.
This picture is from earlier and if I weren't lazy I would move it up. ;) We had a tire that wouldn't inflate in our double stroller so we made the single work overtime!

Kaylen, my non-animal lover, just had to pet this horse. I was totally shocked. She never cares about any animal! Maybe she is coming around after all!

Last time we rented a house that happened to be quite a drive back into town and that made naps and such difficult. This year we stayed downtown in a hotel. I missed the hang time in the evenings but enjoyed the convenience of the closeness. Night time came too early as the kids all needed to go to bed before us.
Of course both kids wanted to sleep in the bed with us. We are used to that though. Most nights include a kid at some point. But bedtime is the best time with my little ones. I cherish the evening moments with them.
The next morning we went to what Chattanooga likes to call a zoo. I would probably call it an over-grown farm. It was fun and cheap so I can't complain too much. They also had a great gift shop. We were checking out the monkeys in this pic. The female had some grossness and I think that is what K's face is referring to.
These two have been in school together this year and you can tell they are used to hanging out. It is fun to see Tripp starting to develop friends. Not sure what face he is making here!
This little monkey really wanted to come home with Emily! He was the best part of the whole zoo. He was so curious about her camera. What a cute little guy!

Not sure what we are looking at here but Tripp kept saying, "Hi, bird." or "Hi, cat." He was so nice to all the animals he saw. Maybe he will be my animal lover. :)

This little guy was a crowd-pleaser for sure!

After lunch and naps we went to the Children's Discover Museum. This place is so cool. I wish we had one in Huntsville! We could spend days in here! I only have pictures from one area because my little one wasn't in the best of moods and I was catering to him for the other areas. But this excavation area was definitely where we spent most of our time. Andrew was the crew's fearless leader and he instructed the others as to how they would all uncover the different dinosaurs. He had studied the map and told them the areas they needed to be in. And they were all at attention! This kid will definitely be in sales or something where he is dealing with people! He is a hoot! Sleeping in bed with my two kids isn't that bad (Allen says it's because I don't snuggle so they both gravitate to him). I think it's because Tripp doesn't mind sleeping feet to feet with Kaylen. :) Notice there is only one person awake.... surprise, surprise!

We got some of the best pictures from Rock City. This place was extremely scary for mommas of little ones who have no fear of anything but I think it was my favorite day. I love how 5 of the 6 are so smiley and happy and then there is one... totally. not. having. it!
4 of the 6. They were all really sweet this day.
And for the excessive posing. Sigh. My daughter looooves to pose. I have to scan in her school class picture and put it on here. It is so classic! I will save that for another day though. :)
It is so rare that we get the whole family together (or any pics of the adults!) So we made a point to try and do that this day. This one wasn't too bad! All faces are seen!

Little buddies! I tell ya, that Joseph is one of the cutest little boys! That dark skin, blue eyes and curly blond hair. Watch out world!
See what I mean about it being scary with the little ones?!?! The older ones were perfect though. I love that I have so many pics of these two through the years. Such a sweet friendship. I am thankful that they get along so well!
Well, if it isn't the poser again! :) This picture makes me laugh every time I see it! I am so glad we are all friends! These are the memories!
My two favorite men!
What's that? The poser strikes again! This is a fav of hers. Jazz hands. My, oh my!
Here is our pic in front of the waterfall... what? You can't see the waterfall? That's because I married a giant and he is completely covering it! I think he is cuter than falling water anyway. :)
Okay, you can't really see the sign that says Fat Man's Squeeze but it is at the top of the page. They aren't kidding! It looks tight for Emily here and she is one of the smallest people I know!!! I have heard stories from my students of their family members getting stuck and having to go another way! Glad our whole troop made it through!
Here we all are at the end of our trip. Amy braved her way with the boys to North Carolina to see her sister and her new baby. Jer rode home with us. She survived the trip and completely impressed me! She said her little riders were really good. :) It is nice that our kids are getting so big that they can do stuff like that!
It was a great trip, as always! So thankful for the friends God has given me!