Monday, April 09, 2012


My babies were ready to get up and start this Easter day! The Easter Bunny does come but we put very little emphasis on him and I really think he will one day blow Santa's cover but he comes anyway and my two do get so excited to see what has been left. We have made it a tradition to hide some plastic stuffed eggs around the downstairs and have them find them and then give them a small basket of stuff.

One of the favorite things in the baskets this year were those grabbers. I have to say, they are fairly nifty. They remind me of something you would use to pick up garbage off the side of the road. Maybe I am getting them ready for the wrong line of work. All I know is they loved it.
This is right before church and we snagged a quick pic as we rushed out the door! Always in a hurry and always late! UGH! But by this picture you would think all was going smooth and perfect! Love those sweet smiles!!!!

Isn't it so hard to get a picture of your entire family?!?! We almost did. I look silly for some reason. I am usually not our problem but I was this year. Well, and Kaylen wanted to give silly faces at all times. This is a head from another picture for her but that's the best I could do. She wasn't smiling in this picture at all. I had to cheat! :)
My kids absolutely love their Papaw. Kaylen requested this picture. When she wants one she does perfect. What a sweet picture.
The Wilson side. We always get pictures of everyone and then change close really quick so we can eat some lunch!
Allen and his daddy.
We actually thought to get one of the two of us! That never happens!
Amber and I have many years of Easter pictures and I am so glad we do. I love that her and Micah and Mr. Kerry come over for our Easter. Mr. Kerry is Micah's dad and holidays wouldn't be the same without him anymore!
The kids with my parents. If you will notice, this is the same face that Kaylen has in her picture with us. hehe...
Me and my sweet girl. I made the flower on her dress this year. I felt like she needed a pop of color.
My girl is getting so big! She is a joy to have around.
This little man is a stinker but I can't imagine life without him! He is hard as can be to get a picture of because he is always moving. But he really has a big heart and is so loving.
By this time my little ones were getting hungry so the smiles were fading.
we dyed eggs after lunch, Aunt Christy and Uncle Wayne came over, and we hunted those eggs. Tripp broke them all immediately. It was a mess this year. Tons of fun but gross. The dogs ate some of the eggs, shells and all. The food was delish and everyone contributed to it. We also always churn some homemade ice cream while we hunt eggs so that was a nice treat as well. So thankful for what Christ did for us and so glad to celebrate with family. I love having everyone over and the weather has been beautiful the last few years!


StarMom said...

Your family is so beautiful!!!

Jodi said...

Holy crap - when did Kaylen turn 19?! I love that you photoshopped her head. Only you could pull that off. :)