Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Photo Shoot

Well, Emily and I got together and took pictures of each other this past weekend so that we could get our Christmas cards out. To say my kids were challenging would be an understatement! I don't want to spoil our cards for anyone who might get one so I am posting a picture of our girls. They are so cute together these days! They play so well together. I think they are both such beautiful little girls!

Monday, November 21, 2011


This is such a cute video of Tripp. I love talking to this kid! He is precious.

Go Vols!

We decided on a whim to head on over to good ole Knoxville and catch the Tn/Vandy game. It ended up being a great decision. The game was soo exciting all the way to the last play of the game. We won on an interception that we ran down the field for a touchdown during overtime!

While we were there we picked up a jersey for Tripp. He so wanted to wear it immediately. We made him wait until the next day but look how happy he is to have it on!
Tripp didn't actually get to go to the game. He stayed home and my parents came up and spent the weekend with him. Kaylen, Allen and I, and his parents and Aunt and Uncle all went to the game. It was a night game so we had plenty of time to walk around and take it all in. Kaylen had a blast and is really getting in to the actual event of it all. Last year she didn't really seem to care but this year she kept asking me... "What just happened?" every single time people clapped. Before the game they have this area for kids with inflatables and face painting. You can see her T in this picture. Also while in the bouncy area a little boy asked me if that was my daughter. I told him yes and he said, "Well, she's kinda beautiful." Sweetest thing ever! He was around her age... maybe a year younger.

She looks so old in this picture with her daddy. I am so glad she loves going and cheering on her team! It made the whole day a great memory.
This is about an hour before the game. We got to our seats a bit early. She was so pumped!
On a side note, her other bottom front tooth is very loose. Last night she took a bite of corn on the cob and that really helped things along. We didn't even know it was loose until then.

Also, she told me multiple times that if Eric (a boy in her class that she talks about ALL THE TIME) knew she was wearing that Tennessee sweatshirt he wouldn't like it. He cheers for Alabama. I am wondering why this is important to her... hummmm. sigh. Apparently all the girls think he is funny.
This last video is of Kaylen playing before the game. The girl's got an arm! :)

Monday, November 07, 2011


My babies were Minnie and Mickey Mouse this year. There are more pictures of Tripp because he had a program at school and K didn't. But... K dressed up and went to a special event during our Disney trip so her extra photos were earlier. Tripp loved his "guhbes" (gloves).

Here he is walking into his program. Never a smile from that face when he sees the camera!
I couldn't make it but I heard all he did was sit and stare out. No singing but no crying either.
He was sitting by his good friend, Joseph. I am so glad they are in class together!
Here he is trick or treating at school. He is so good to speak up and say, "trick or treat".
Here's my beautiful Minnie! She is so precious right now. The two of them were so sweet together.
And can you believe that is almost a smile from my little Mickey?
He was so good to keep his costume on and carry his own basket. He wanted to do everything by himself.
We went trick or treating with the Bolton's and they were so cute as the firetruck and the fireman.
Here we are at the Willowbrook festival. They had swings this year and my kids loooved them!
All smiles from both of them!
Our token family shot. I try to get at least one each year. It is usually pretty hard to get everyone focused even for a few seconds! You should see the out takes!
My two playing together.
Kaylen loves the bouncy inflatables. She slid down like a champ!
My two bouncing it up. I love Tripp's tail. Too cute.
Here we are eating dinner at around 7:45. We played and collected candy until we were famished and then went and had some chili. It was a great night!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I don't think that many people follow me anymore but I have been wanting to post Halloween for a few days and keep forgetting to bring my camera in. So I still plan to put that on here soon. I may just edit this post, who knows?!

So just to tell you what all has been going on with us... Kaylen has been having a great year in Kindergarten. She is done with soccer and is now doing gymnastics at the Matrix. She loooves the trampolines and the foam pit. Tripp is not doing so great in his 2 year old class at Twickenham. Apparently he is hitting other kids and telling his teacher, "no!". I don't know what to do with this kid. He really is sweet most of the time. He just thinks he is the boss. It is typical two year old stuff. I will say he can be so well mannered and gives the best hugs! Allen just finished up a month of serious travel. He was gone for three weeks in October. We just got a new car. It was an unexpected change but we found a car that met all of our criteria and fit me better. It's an Acura MDX. It's white and I absolutely love it! It is smaller than my other car. I may be the only person on the planet going smaller instead of bigger but I hate driving that wide and long vehicle. We now have a 7 seater instead of an 8 but it really is a lot smaller than the last. I started this cardio fitness challenge at the gym that will last 6 weeks. I got behind in the very first week because of Halloween so I had to log 3 hours of cardio before Thursday. So last night I went to the gym at 8:30 and then I couldn't sleep due to exercising so late at night. My alarm went off at 5 am this morning and I was back there logging my second hour. I have body pump this afternoon and it doesn't count since it is weight lifting instead of cardio. UGH! I am sooo exhausted right now! But tomorrow I will log my third cardio hour and be back on track. Some of you know that I drastically changed my diet back in March or April and I have continued to eat this way. Basically I am trying to cut out flour and sugar. I still get some of each every day but it is drastically less and a more healthy version of it. I feel so much better (minus the sheer exhaustion of today). I haven't been sick nearly as much! Actually I haven't been sick at all. Even sinus issues have been minimal.

I get asked what I snack on a lot. So some of my snack options are 1. Nuts. I almost always choose this around 9:30 or 10 am. 2. Cheese. This is another great option. 3. An apple and if I am really hungry, I put peanut butter on it. 4. Grapes. They are easy and quick. 5. baby carrots. crunchy and fresh!

Well, that's about all going on in the Wilson house.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tate Farms with Kaylen's Kindergarten Class!

This post is happening backwards in picture order... mostly because I am too lazy to switch it! It really wont matter though. :)

We ended our very first field trip as a kindergartner with a class picture in the photo op spot at Tate Farms. Please notice the boys on the left hand side throwing up gang signs! I need to know who they are and that my sweet little one thinks they have cooties! Hoodlums! :)

Here is Kaylen with her prized Punkin'. It started drizzling pretty good when we were headed out to the actual pumpkin patch. So we are looking a little misted.

She loved the animals. This picture cracks me up. She is messing with one goat's butt so it only serves her right that another one is messing with hers! Thank goodness for Purel!
I am holding this furry bunny because only the adults could hold them. I really didn't want to... Long haired rabbits = rabbit pellets stuck in the fur. yuck! Anyway, it was also because the kids would drop the little furry germ bouncers. Well, it was all I could do to keep this little guy alive! He was scratching and squirming. I am glad he didn't plummet on my watch but he just about did!
This girl likes heights! Look how long those legs are getting!
Cutest goat I've ever seen! :)
Making corn angels with her favorite classmate.
This looks like childhood to me. So much fun. She loved to bounce on this big pillow bouncer!
And one last smile (or the first smile of the day, actually). She is growing up so much. She is the tallest girl in her class! I don't realize how tall she is until I see other kids her age. I love her sweetness. I am so glad I could go with her for the morning trip. The dreary weather didn't bother us a bit!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Disney 2011

Warning: PHOTO DUMP!! There are a ton of pictures in this post... I don't even know if I can have a post this large!!!

We had the best time at Disney. I am so glad my kids like characters! They did great on the plane. The video player helps a ton!

It was very early in the morning but we were all still so excited!!!!
My men! :) Honestly, Tripp was who I was worried about on the plane but he did great!
This was our very first activity after getting to Disney and grabbing a great lunch that Allen found since we missed our lunch reservations. I think it probably ended up working out better. We went to the Italian place that was fantastic! Then off to the Muppets show.

For dinner we had our first character meal. It was the Cinderella characters. Tripp fell asleep before we even got seated. The wicked step mother was Kaylen's favorite at this character breakfast. They danced and had a great time. Go figure! :) I guess K didn't care that she locked Cinderella up in the attic!
Prince Charming was very kind. :)
Well, I can't remember the names of the wicked step sisters but I am going to guess Drizella? Who knows?!?! Kaylen seemed to love them too! All of them! I actually don't have a picture of Cinderella until a later meal but she was there!
For breakfast we went to the Polynesian and had breakfast with Lilo and Stitch. They invited Pluto and Mickey and my kids couldn't have been more excited!
Look at this face! Tripp is seriously the coolest kid. I know I am his mom but he is hilarious. He really has the best personality. He can get into stuff and drive me crazy but he is precious! He would NOT wear his lei. Guess it was too girlie for him.
Both of my kids adore their Papaw. He was a trooper because a lot of the time one of them wanted him to hold them. I know he had to be exhausted but never said no! That's Papaw! The breakfast was really good! They delivered it family style and it has a Polynesian flair. The Pog juice was great! The kids loved the parade. Kaylen held Lilo's hand. :) Look at that excitement!
Tripp didn't care anything for holding hands but he did love the maraca. Anything that makes noise... he is in!
My kids loooved Stitch! He is a short character and so cute. They both adored him!
This may be one of my favorite character pictures. They were both so excited to see Mickey. I love their sweet smiles! So worth it!
Pluto was a favorite as well!
We went to the Magic Kingdom on the second day. This was while waiting in line for the Winnie the Pooh ride. Kaylen loved the drums and Tripp loved those flower bells behind her.
But when Tripp saw her playing on this fun contraption, he had to take her spot.
There was a battle... Tripp won. He usually does. Right now Kaylen has a big goose egg in the middle of her forehead because Tripp hit her with a barbie doll. So they are becoming true brother and sister. Arguments and all.
This was one of the longest waits we had our entire trip so we were very glad to actually be on the ride.
It was almost lunchtime so they were also very hungry.
On our way to lunch, we ran into this street party. The kids loved dancing with the characters and each other!
Kaylen had to get to Jesse to give her a hug. Just so you know, she did. Poor Jesse couldn't hardly dance due to all the kids needing hugs!
Tripp napped in line where ever we were. It really made it easier to keep going with Kaylen.
We really were at the Magic Kingdom. Ta daaa!!!
We ate lunch at the Crystal Palace with the Pooh characters. The desserts there were fantastic! My kids absolutely loooove Winnie the Pooh so this was a highlight for them.
I even got in on one of the pictures!
Sweet Piglet. Kaylen adored Piglet the first time we came too.
I love how Tripp had to hug Eeyore. So sweet.
We enjoyed playing on Tom Sawyer's island.
The kids also liked the boat ride over there!
Tripp loved being able to climb and run free on the island!
My kids love the tea cups. I, on the other hand, would not be caught dead on them! That looks like a hurl fest to me!
This was the best food we had the entire time. It was called Narcoossee and it was at the Grand. Some of us had surf and turf, some fish, some steak. The desserts were amazing too!
The kids were so good for this loooong dinner.
That night we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) with Kaylen. This was her special event and she loved it!
She was the cutest little Minnie Mouse!
The parade was so amazing to her. She said hello to absolutely every character that walked by. She was bubbling over with excitement! You can sort of see that little hand waving on the right. It stayed up the entire time.
She had to see Minnie and Mickey to show Minnie her outfit.
Kaylen loved driving and we laughed so hard the whole time. I must say, whenever she turns 16, we should all put bumper pads on the edges of the road! The girl can't steer!
We went to the Animal Kingdom in the morning of the last day. It rained on us big time! We had breaks in the rain so that was nice. We watched the Nemo Musical during the rain. We had great seats!
The rain stopped and we went on the safari ride. Tripp had been wanting to see the "aminals" all morning and he tuckered out on the nice and breezy ride.
We saw so many animals but the baby elephant was my favorite.
This is what we were riding on.
The alligators in the front were biting each other. Creepy!

Epcot was a fun time too! The kids picked out their own mickey ears.
Kaylen also picked out her Sleeping Beauty sun glasses.
This was an imagination ride. The kids loved the play area afterwords. There are so few times that the kids can run free.
The princess dinner at Epcot was the best character meal - by far! Both of my kids were in heaven!
Snow White was the favorite for Tripp. She smooched him with those red lips and he was smitten the rest of the night.
Look at that face!!! So funny.
This was the same Cinderella as the other meal we had with the princesses. Lucky us! :)
I am not sure if they purposely make Sleeping Beauty look dead but she completely did. This is Kaylen's favorite. Don't ask me why... she looked the worst! Kaylen has always loved Aurora the most. This did not sway her opinion one bit!
Ariel was by far the prettiest and sooo nice! Tripp was a fan of her too. :)
Have you ever seen her smile bigger?!?! She was exploding throughout this entire meal!
This was our last breakfast before flying out. There were a hodge podge of characters! Tigger was there again!
Kaylen and I have read this really amazing pop up book on Alice in Wonderland. She loooves Alice!
We haven't seen Mary Poppins but are now planning to. She does looove to sing Supercalafragilisticexpalidocious! I know I didn't spell that right but I don't even care! :)
They loved Pooh just as much every time they saw him!
Kaylen thought the Mad Hatter was hilarious but Tripp wasn't sure about him. This is the only person that Tripp even looked at funny.

Well, if you are still with me, sorry I took 20 minutes of your life! I know it was long. I just wanted to preserve all the details on here for the future. :)

Kaylen's favorite rides: Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Sorin.

She said her dreams came true on Sorin because she had always dreamed of being in the middle of a firework and having it sparkle all on her. Too funny!!!