Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tate Farms with Kaylen's Kindergarten Class!

This post is happening backwards in picture order... mostly because I am too lazy to switch it! It really wont matter though. :)

We ended our very first field trip as a kindergartner with a class picture in the photo op spot at Tate Farms. Please notice the boys on the left hand side throwing up gang signs! I need to know who they are and that my sweet little one thinks they have cooties! Hoodlums! :)

Here is Kaylen with her prized Punkin'. It started drizzling pretty good when we were headed out to the actual pumpkin patch. So we are looking a little misted.

She loved the animals. This picture cracks me up. She is messing with one goat's butt so it only serves her right that another one is messing with hers! Thank goodness for Purel!
I am holding this furry bunny because only the adults could hold them. I really didn't want to... Long haired rabbits = rabbit pellets stuck in the fur. yuck! Anyway, it was also because the kids would drop the little furry germ bouncers. Well, it was all I could do to keep this little guy alive! He was scratching and squirming. I am glad he didn't plummet on my watch but he just about did!
This girl likes heights! Look how long those legs are getting!
Cutest goat I've ever seen! :)
Making corn angels with her favorite classmate.
This looks like childhood to me. So much fun. She loved to bounce on this big pillow bouncer!
And one last smile (or the first smile of the day, actually). She is growing up so much. She is the tallest girl in her class! I don't realize how tall she is until I see other kids her age. I love her sweetness. I am so glad I could go with her for the morning trip. The dreary weather didn't bother us a bit!

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Mimi said...

Kaylen looks like a regular little cow girl with her braids.