Sunday, June 28, 2009

I love you because you're you

Kaylen has gotten really good at reading a book called I Love You Because You're You. I have been meaning to get a video of her doing this because I think it is so incredible. I am going to copy the words to the book so that you can understand what she is saying. Here goes:

I love you when you're happy and grinning ear to ear.
I love you when you're sleepy and want to snuggle near.
I love you when you're silly and dancing round and round.
I love you when you're frightened and hear a scary sound.
I love you when you're bashful and hide behind my knee.
I love you when you're brave, and from my arms you flee.
I love you when you're curious and searching hear and there.
I love you when you're proud, your head held in the air.
I love you when you're sick and need to rest in the bed.
I love you when you're frisky and standing on your head.
I love you when you're sad and need a kiss and hug.
I love you when you're playful and rolling on the rug.
I love you when you're angry and cross your arms and pout.
I love you when you're wild and yell and scream and shout.
I love you any way you feel, no matter what you do.
I love you any way you are. I love you because you're you!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Casey Cooper Pictures!

I had Casey Cooper do a photo shoot of all of us. I just got the link to the images. If you want to check them out... feel free! Let me know what you think! I really had a good time with her and she does great work. If you are looking for a photographer... give her a call!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

Things are starting to go a little more smoothly these days. We had a major poo breakthrough today! Kaylen went to the bathroom on her own, pooped in the potty and then came and got me so that I could see it. We then had to save it in the potty until daddy got home to see it as well. I was soooo proud of her! She is also doing great with swimming... all of the sudden! Just last week she was scared but she realized that she could actually float with floaties on and we weren't trying to trick her into a trip to the bottom of the pool. She even went down the slide today! I am definitely going to have to get some pictures and videos of this because you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it.

Anyway, Father's day was good. I would write more about it but it wasn't my holiday and Allen barely even knows I have this blog... much less contributes to it. I will say that he has been working really hard lately. So if he forgets to call you back or something... just know that he has forgotten his wallet at home 3 times, left my wallet on the counter at a mexican restaurant, and many other silly things of that nature that are only done when you are on overload. What is he so busy doing? Well, he is working full time, getting his master's degree, leading a college ministry, and still trying to maintain a connection with his small group guys. He also wants to fish, golf and all the other guy things he likes to do. But he is also taking care of us and trust me... that is a full time job in and of itself. We are high maintenance these days! We are all tired but it is all worth it. Here are some pictures from the week:

Allen holding Tripp so I can get something done.

Kaylen went to VBS for the first time this year. Here are a few shots from the event. She had a blast!

Here is the picture I gave to Allen for Father's Day. I had a cool frame that said "Three Generations" on the top and on the bottom it said "Children are born, traditions are passed, the love continues on". I think it turned out pretty nice.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week 3... things are getting better!

This week went much smoother than the last. We have had our moments... but that is expected. A few things we have done: Family pictures! I think we are going to have some really cute shots. I had a movie night with friends. We saw He's Just Not That In To You. So funny. Allen has gone fishing, mountain biking and played basketball. He also has had lots of work stuff to do because he is leading his POA meeting for work next week. I know he will do great! I took K to Bridge Street to play in the fountains and get a new outfit for pictures. We also ate at PF Changs. It ended up being a really fun day. Tripp has been amazing for all of these events and there have been no real blunders. God is good! Potty training is getting a wee bit better with K. I am still so tired of her holding in her poo that I could (and might) go insane. It's killing me! If anyone has had a kid that held their poo in and just left smears of poo in their undies over and over again for days, please give me some advice of how to get past this. Allen and I are clueless at this point. I think that is about it. Here are a few pics of the week. Muggs finally got some quality snuggle time with Tripp. Do we have a great dog or what?!?!?! I also love the pic of the two kids smiling. K is really being sweet to Tripp. I am glad she is so loving. I just wish all the other acting out would come to a halt. I talked to another mom of kids 3 years apart today and she had the same issues with her two that we have been having. I do know it is normal and we are hanging in there. Enjoy my sweet babies!!! :) Oh, and if you think about it... say a prayer for Ashley... she is going to have that baby within the next few days! Induction on Monday or she could go into labor earlier! I can't wait!!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Last Week: The face says it all!

Last week wasn't the easiest. We saw a lot of the above expression. Sleepless nights. On Wednesday K fell and hit her lip and teeth on the hardwood floor. I took her to the dentist and he told me we had a 50% chance the tooth would turn dark and then another 50% chance that it might lighten back up. I cried. The dentist and his hygentist hugged me. The goth teenager sitting in the chair next to us had to think I was a total nut job. That's okay... I was at that moment. My stress level was at about one million. So on Thursday we decided to go to Florence. Allen was going for work and Tripp and I planned to go along with him. K was spending the night with her grandparents. Well, I had a stomach ache on the way down that day. No idea what from. Anyway, that transferred to Tripp that night and he was fussy all night long. No sleep. So when I am finally getting some sleep, the fire alarm went off. All I can think is get dressed and get my newborn out of the building so the rediculously loud siren doesn't give him permanent hearing loss! I gather all our stuff and the baby and walk down the stairs since you cant ride an elevator during a fire alarm. Only to find that they are working on the fire alarm and accidentally tripped it. grrrrrr. So then I go back upstairs and my key doesn't work. are you kidding me?!?! So I leave all of my stuff by the door and go back to the front desk. At that point the waterworks begin again. We got enough points on our honors card for a free stay sometime. So I guess the hormones did work in our advantage this time. Anyway, here's to a better week!

Kaylen started her weekly camp. The theme changes each week and this week was cheerleading. Too cute! She will go every Friday so stay tuned for more updates on that. This week we are getting family pictures. It is actually a jam-packed week full of fun things so I will update next week!!!