Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tripp is Tonsil-free!

Tripp was having some difficulty breathing at night. He snored pretty bad and also had a little sleep apnea. So that resulted in taking those over-sized tonsils and adenoids out. We went in for surgery and my little guy looked so small and he was such a big boy! Here he and his daddy were playing angry birds together.

 This is right before he had to go back. They asked him if he'd like to ride in the bed or walk and he just got up and grabbed the nurses hand and walked right out. He never looked back for us. He had no idea where he was going or if we were with him or not. So much for not going anywhere with strangers!?! That part was definitely harder on me than him.

 After the surgery was over they came to get me and the guy bringing me back asked me if this sweet little guy who was about 5 that was smiling up at me was my child. I said no and he said, "Then you better hurry...." He pointed around the corner and this is what I saw. Tripp was flailing his arms and legs and screaming in a hoarse voice that would crush anyone's heart. The two nurses trying to contain him yelled at me to get in the bed with him. I did and we went to a private room. 30 minutes of this. He opened his eyes about two times. One time he looked at his IV in his hand and said, "Why?". Another time he said, "You're the meanest." Not sure who that was directed to... maybe just everyone who made him feel so bad.
 So when the pain medicine kicked in and gave me this... I was pretty thankful!!! 

The recovery really is up and down for about a week and a half. He puked up blue jello all in my car once. Had many nights of tears and didn't eat much of anything. I can say we survived and there were also many smiles too. I really enjoyed the three days of snuggling I got. He wanted his momma more than usual and I will cherish every moment of it! He loved this dancing Mickey his friends Cohen and Rylie gave him. He danced with that for days! He wouldn't let his sister do anything. He was sooo mean to her. And he was sooo emotional! He would storm off and pout over everything! It was exhausting! This last pic was while his little face was still swollen but he was happy anyway. I'm glad we are on the other side of the healing!!!

Just one more thing that me and the little guy have in common... no tonsils! K and Allen have theirs! :) Love ya, buddy!