Monday, November 21, 2011

Go Vols!

We decided on a whim to head on over to good ole Knoxville and catch the Tn/Vandy game. It ended up being a great decision. The game was soo exciting all the way to the last play of the game. We won on an interception that we ran down the field for a touchdown during overtime!

While we were there we picked up a jersey for Tripp. He so wanted to wear it immediately. We made him wait until the next day but look how happy he is to have it on!
Tripp didn't actually get to go to the game. He stayed home and my parents came up and spent the weekend with him. Kaylen, Allen and I, and his parents and Aunt and Uncle all went to the game. It was a night game so we had plenty of time to walk around and take it all in. Kaylen had a blast and is really getting in to the actual event of it all. Last year she didn't really seem to care but this year she kept asking me... "What just happened?" every single time people clapped. Before the game they have this area for kids with inflatables and face painting. You can see her T in this picture. Also while in the bouncy area a little boy asked me if that was my daughter. I told him yes and he said, "Well, she's kinda beautiful." Sweetest thing ever! He was around her age... maybe a year younger.

She looks so old in this picture with her daddy. I am so glad she loves going and cheering on her team! It made the whole day a great memory.
This is about an hour before the game. We got to our seats a bit early. She was so pumped!
On a side note, her other bottom front tooth is very loose. Last night she took a bite of corn on the cob and that really helped things along. We didn't even know it was loose until then.

Also, she told me multiple times that if Eric (a boy in her class that she talks about ALL THE TIME) knew she was wearing that Tennessee sweatshirt he wouldn't like it. He cheers for Alabama. I am wondering why this is important to her... hummmm. sigh. Apparently all the girls think he is funny.
This last video is of Kaylen playing before the game. The girl's got an arm! :)

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