Monday, November 07, 2011


My babies were Minnie and Mickey Mouse this year. There are more pictures of Tripp because he had a program at school and K didn't. But... K dressed up and went to a special event during our Disney trip so her extra photos were earlier. Tripp loved his "guhbes" (gloves).

Here he is walking into his program. Never a smile from that face when he sees the camera!
I couldn't make it but I heard all he did was sit and stare out. No singing but no crying either.
He was sitting by his good friend, Joseph. I am so glad they are in class together!
Here he is trick or treating at school. He is so good to speak up and say, "trick or treat".
Here's my beautiful Minnie! She is so precious right now. The two of them were so sweet together.
And can you believe that is almost a smile from my little Mickey?
He was so good to keep his costume on and carry his own basket. He wanted to do everything by himself.
We went trick or treating with the Bolton's and they were so cute as the firetruck and the fireman.
Here we are at the Willowbrook festival. They had swings this year and my kids loooved them!
All smiles from both of them!
Our token family shot. I try to get at least one each year. It is usually pretty hard to get everyone focused even for a few seconds! You should see the out takes!
My two playing together.
Kaylen loves the bouncy inflatables. She slid down like a champ!
My two bouncing it up. I love Tripp's tail. Too cute.
Here we are eating dinner at around 7:45. We played and collected candy until we were famished and then went and had some chili. It was a great night!

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Anonymous said...

Baba says my little ones were all too cute, looks like they had a wonderful time!