Friday, January 25, 2008


Okay... I hate doing a second post without pictures... it is like an excitement then a let down. I tried to take house updates but I cant find the charger for my camera and it is dead... so stay tuned... maybe i will find it while i clean this weekend. You never know!

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that Kaylen is doing better. She has fluid in her ears and is beginning to cut her 2 year molars... I thought they had just come in but I guess that was some other sort of molar set. Anyway, her fussiness is, in part, due to that. Next she has no schedule. So for the last few days (maybe all weekish) we have had her on a bedtime routine and this is helping (i think). That is not to say that we are void of the tantrums she was throwing (for hours). But they are lessening and we are seeing her sweet self again. Allen and I both had great nights with her the past two nights. Thanks to everyone for their prayers with all of this. I have really felt it!
We seem to be nearing the end of things with the house(around Feb 15 most things should be completed). When all is finished we are going to have a big summer bash!


Ashley said...

Okay, that is MAJOR excitement that in 3 weeks or so everything will pretty much be done. To have a "date" to look forwared to...priceless. PLEASE post the pictures soon...can't wait to see! The engineer in me is obsessed with your house renovatioin!

dawn wilson said...

you are soo funny!!! I will post pics very soon! I dont want to miss any of the steps!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Can I come to your summer bash? I've never been to Alabama. :)


dawn wilson said...

PLEASE COME!!!! I really really want you to sooo much!!!