Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tripp at 8 months

I dont currently have any pictures of Kaylen but I am long overdue so they will be here shortly. What I do have, however, is Tripp being so darn cute! This little man truly loves life. He is the happiest little thing ever. In this first picture of him he is feeding himself in his bed while I did some cleaning in his room (and snuck in a quick picture). He really does make things so easy for me.

Here he is being so cute in our bathtub. Well, what used to be our bathtub. It is now a "hospital" for sick stuffed animals. Kaylen has become a nurse and is caring for all of her many babies who are now sick and stationed in our once bathtub. Anyway, Tripp thought it was a blast to crawl around in there and get in the middle of them all. I hope he doesn't catch anything while hanging out with all those sick babies!

This is how Tripp crawls. This video was a few weeks ago and he is actually up on his arms a bit more these days and much faster than he was. He is also pulling up and cruising around on the furniture. He is fearless though so I have to watch him. He doesn't try to block his fall at all. He will just fall like a tree being cut down... timmmmmberrrrrr!!! He hits his head all the time if I am not right there. Silly boy!


Jean said...

This just made my day! How cute is that!

Mimi said...

Tripp is growing up so fast. He is looking like a speed crawler. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Love ya,