Monday, March 01, 2010

Tripp at 9 months and Kaylen in Dance

I am so crazy about my babies!!! They bring me such joy. Kaylen is in a sweet stage of I love yous. She will whisper in my ear that she will love me every day and every night for now and til forever. There are all sorts of variations of that sort of declaration of her love never ending. I will cherish these sweet moments forever. So when she is a teenager and is mad because I wont let her do something she really wants to do I need to come and find this post and be reminded that she does love me. She already promised! :) Here she is in dance. Her teacher told me she is really becoming a leader in the class.

Tripp is getting super mobile! He is always pulling up on furniture like this. I can not get the kid dressed! He wants to go. If I flip him over once, I do it a million times! He is wiggly!

Here he is doing his newest trick. He is really wanting to walk. He is pulling up on any furniture he can find.

You can't fully tell because I knew he would only be doing this for a split second before crashing, but he is standing on his own! He is so daring! K was always my cautious little princess. I had to tear my fingers from her grip but not Tripp. He doesn't want to hold my hands at all. I have to make sure I am near him when he pulls up on furniture because he will try to go it alone and bash his head on things. But that doesn't deter him... he is right back at it again. NO FEAR!!!

Confession: These 9 month pictures were a few days late. I tried to get Allen to take the pictures for me because I was in a hurry. This little guy was not having it! He didn't cooperate at all! The pictures were completely unusable. But I am not faulting Allen, in this shot Tripp is not acting like I want... he is doing what he wants, which is stand. That is all he does!

But he finally did cooperate for me and I got that sweet smile that I have grown to love. And check out how big he is!!! He is solidly wearing 12 month clothes and they are beginning to get snugg. This shirt he has on is 18 months.

Tripp was in the 90% for height, 60% for weight (21 lbs) and his head was like 50% or so.


Mimi said...

Oh my goodness...they are both just growing up right under our eyes. I can't believe how Tripp has just taken off on getting around! Can't wait to see you all.
Love and miss you!

Jodi said...

I can't even believe how Tripp looks just like Kaylen! That's always so amazing to me...