Friday, March 26, 2010

First Haircut and Dance

Tripp's hair was starting to look shaggy (especially in the back). I definitely didn't want my little man to look like he had a mullet. I think I am mullet-phobic. I worried about that with K a lot as well. Anyway, it is so thin that it just sticks out all over and I wanted him to look a little more put together for Easter.

Here he is pre-cut:

And after:

Bless that poor lady that had to cut that wiggle worm! She was really patient and did a great job working with him. Once we were done we went over and met Allen who was watching Kaylen at dance class.

Here she is doing a forward roll on the balance beam:

Here she is doing a jumping forward roll:


Mimi said...

They are both ADORABLE! Mimi is missing you all!

Mimi said...
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Rachel Humphrey said...

So I'm definitely stalking you...Y'all are the most adorable family of a lifetime. I miss you all!!!!