Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter this year. It was nice to be able to read Kaylen the Easter story and begin explaining what it is that we are celebrating. Kaylen had a great little Easter program at school on Thursday that Mamaw, Papaw, Allen and Amber got to attend. I had testing at school and have no vacation days due to taking last semester off, so I had to miss. She tripped outside the day before the program so she had scabs down her nose for all the festivities. (I photoshoped them out)

On Saturday we went to the Click's Easter Eggs-travaganza. It was really sweet. They had live animals, 3 moon bounces, 3000 eggs for the egg hunt, egg toss, sack races, the Easter bunny.... it was quite the event! A few notable things took place.

1. Kaylen kept petting the Easter bunny right below the pink belly... (That would be Mike Click in that suit). I think I may have to apologize for her forward ways. :) (see picture below)

2. I gave Tripp a plastic egg to play with and he found the scotch tape on it, ate it, got choked and projectile vomited (thankfully on the ground). Lovely. Side note here: He is my kid that eats everything! List of things he has eaten to date: a band-aide, a chewed up toothpick (that he chewed), piece of scotch tape, handful of dirt, leaves (his personal favorite), any type of paper he can find, and I am sure many more things I don't know about. He is just like Laci (the boston terrier that my in-laws so graciously took off our hands) he eats everything! and

3. Allen won $20 by winning the adult egg toss! Yahoo!

After church on Easter, Allen's parents and my sister came over for lunch. We then dyed Easter eggs and took them over to my in-laws house. My yard is getting a face lift. It has to get worse before it gets better so we are in the middle of our new sprinkler system and yard leveling. We do have a small leak that we have to get taken care of. (more money, more money, more money) This is all really needed and so it will be worth it in the end. Also, I got my hair done... guess I better mention that since you will notice in the pictures. Also, I thought the kids looked so cute. Allen said it was the last year that Tripp could wear pink. I think it is a tie and therefore looks manly no matter what the color. Might I also add that Allen is wearing pink. :)

Oh, and I got the hair-brained idea to blow out my Easter eggs this year. I thought Allen would kill me but it was fun to do something different and they will last forever that way... :) After we hunted them a few times, Amber and I played some badminton and then went out for a few holes of golf with Allen. I have decided that this summer I am going to start taking some lessons. I really do enjoy playing with him. I don't want to be great or anything. I just want to be able to play. It is really ugly right now. It is hard to get that crazy club to connect with that tiny ball. Why is that so difficult?!?! Allen was surprisingly patient with me and the weather was amazing!

One more story... I promised Kaylen that I would paint her nails for Easter. It never happened so I figured I would do it real quick on the way to church. BAD IDEA! I got one hand done and she got an itch while I was working on the other hand. I didn't even notice her scratch her face and get three lines of dark pink fingernail polish down her cheek. I was furious!!!! And I had nothing to get it off with. I had to take a wet wipe and scrub. She looked like someone had slapped her so hard on the cheek. It was all pink and puffy from me trying to feverishly get the polish off. Poor baby. She also had the scabs on her nose I mentioned earlier. I felt just awful! I will never attempt that again.


Amanda said...

Love your hair! Did you do a perm???

dawn wilson said...

I did. I was nervous since the last time I got a perm it was a spiral and it was 1992! I was trying to do something that took less time in the morning... maybe it is?!?! I can't tell quite yet. I am still trying to learn how to work it and not look silly. Thanks though.

Anonymous said...

I think you all look so cute, especially the young men in pink! No, really you all look so beautifl and I really like your hair, kind of a throw back to earlier days, huh! Love you all and really missed being there for Easter. Love you. Dad