Friday, April 23, 2010

T at 11 months and silly moments

Tripp is starting to slim down a lot these days. I think it is due to his increased activity. He did take his first step the other day. It was on his 11 month old birthday. He is still the happiest kid. No one makes him smile like Kaylen. He is a gut laugh-er. He really loves life and reminds the rest of us to lighten up and enjoy each other. I am so thankful for this little guy!

These pictures are from the other day. A friend of mine had a contest on her blog that encouraged moms to get in the pictures with their kids. Well, it didn't go all that swimmingly and I didn't turn anything in. I had my 50mm and had my camera set up on timer. We kept trying to get in the focused area and get all in the frame... doing that with these two little ones was so difficult! So they didn't turn out perfect but I am glad I did it. We were having such a good time playing in Tripp's room and there are some unique shots that came out of it. Definite memories!

This first one is of K dancing it up with a drumstick in her hand. I love to watch her dance. She can shake that booty better than anybody! :)

She looks so sweet in this shot.

Even though this picture showcases my least favorite characteristic (my little teeth), I love Tripp's face. He was not having the confinement being forced on him for this shot. Hilarious!

This is how most of them turned out - me looking at the camera and the kids doing their own thing. I love to see them interact though.

This is one of K trying to force T to look at me. She is kind of bossy but I think he will begin to put her in her place sooner than I am ready for.

Both of my kids are at great stages right now. K has gotten out of the tons-of-unanswerable-question-asking phase and T is beginning to interact like a toddler more than an infant. They are both so sweet and I am honored to be their mom.

One short K story. The other day I put some PJ pants on and she told me they were divine. I asked her what that meant and she said it meant they were beautiful. She then got excited that there was a v in the word because it was v week at school and she needed to tell Ms Denise about it. Anyway, her vocabulary cracks me up. She is a very precocious little thing.


Mimi said...

Oh my goodness. I think these are some of my favorite pictures! I can't believe how adorable Tripp is getting. I just love the first picture of him! Of course, Kaylen is simply divine!

Shannon said...

Wow, Tripp is getting SO big! The pictures are precious. I love the one of you and Kaylen.

Anonymous said...

Baba thinks Tripp is getting way too big (old); we need to pause time and slow his growing up a little bit. They are both precious little gifts from God. Kaylen's picture with you makes her eyes really stand out, you both are such beautiful girls. Love you guys and am looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Jodi said...

Awesome pictures - you totally should have turned them in! Especially the one where you're the only one in focus... I loved that.

I can't believe how Tripp is "little boy" now! That happened over night!