Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Country Music Half Marathon 2010

I have finished my second Country Music 1/2 Marathon. This was my third half because I also did the Mini-Indy. Each time has gotten better. The Mini-Indy was bad because I had meant to train but didn't quite get around to it. Nothing on Earth has ever hurt worse than that!

After I had Kaylen I decided to train for a half to lose the baby weight. It was pretty effective and I had a great race. The weather was awesome and it felt good. The blisters from not having great socks on KILLED! Other than that, it was a wonderful experience.

This time around I trained with Jessica South (my friend in the picture). She is a rock star! This is her third CMHM in a row. For all of our long runs she was the driving force for us to move faster and faster. I absolutely loved training with her (even though I wasn't that nice while we were going through it). She pushed me and I love that! We are about to start training for the wet dog. I always love training for the triathlon's so much more than the half marathons. I get tired of running so much.

Anyway, I had some IT band issues this year and it was on the painful side. At one time I really thought that was going to keep me from my goal of beating my 2007 time of 2:00. But it did not. I ended up finishing in 1:57. The rain held off just long enough for me to run and get back to my car and to my hotel. Thankfully I never had the first raindrop. It was humid but cloudy - so no bright sun beating down. My goal was to lose the baby weight from Tripp and I lost a pound per mile. So 13 lbs! I love running!

I did accidentally throw my gum in what I thought was a trash can but it was a vat of Cytomax that they were giving all the runners. oops. The winner of the marathon (26 miles) did it in 2:15. That is so amazing. I am in awe!

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Mom said...

Congratulations! Great Job! You can really see the results of the 13 lbs/mile so strut your stuff pretty girl!
Love ya bunches,