Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a VERY eventful Easter. Before I tell you the story of the events. Let me tell you how cute Kaylen was! She was insistent on that hat! She found it at the store and wore it around the entire time. I had to get it. She wouldnt take it off either. Also I took her to Classy Nails with me. I told them to try to paint her nails and if it didn't work... oh well. Can I tell you she did amazing! She LOOOOOVED it! Check out the last pic of her pink nails with flowers.

At church the workers had to tell me that she was the woman of the hour. Apparently 3 little boys were swooning over her and 2 of them had her by the arms and were fighting over her and then a third boy just decided to plant one on her... right on the lips! I can't say I blame them... she was adorable!

Now... we were going outside to take a few pictures yesterday and as Aline was walking out she was looking at Kaylen (who was posing for the camera) and she didn't see the wooden beams of Kaylen's swingset. She tripped over one of the beams and ended up fracturing her cheekbone. I am talking her eye is completely swollen shut and she might have to have surgery. They will be able to tell once the swelling goes down. I feel just awful for her. Needless to say... there were no pictures taken. That is why you only see me and Kaylen. It was very scary and we are all praying that she gets a good report this week. Other than that... it was a great day filled with family and good times. Enjoy the pics!


Shannon said...

Okay, that is probably THE cutest Easter outfit ever created! What a beautiful little girl!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute as always!! To comment on all the new blogs-I love the girls and their dresses ya'll made! If I have a girl I am going to need some major help with things like that-I guess we will know at the end of April.:) I'm so glad Emily came to help me with paint colors-it looks like I am using your dining room color-I hope that is okay. Thanks again for having us over last Monday-it was great seeing ya'll.

Mt. Gap Middle's Research Discussion said...

I am glad that Emily was a help. and I really think you will like the green. I am loving it more and more! It's so soothing. And of course we could definitely help you out with the girly stuff (if you have a girl ;)... a boy and you're on your own because I've got no clue!!! :)

Dawn Wilson said...

sorry, I, DAWN WILSON, am signed into my school's blog account because I do the updates to it... anyway, i left that comment, Katherine.

Bull said...

Y'all have terrible holiday luck. Kaylen falls and busts her face open at Christmas, now Grandma is doing swan dives into the ground at Easter...and wasn't a certain Memorial Day with y'all a total disaster too? Remind me to stay away from you on Flag Day.

Anonymous said...

It was so good spending time with you all at Easter. I really enjoyed sitting with Kaylen while she got her nails done. I really hate that Aline fell like she did and have been keeping her in my prayers.
Love Ya!!!