Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I don't have any pictures for this post. Not too much has been going on in the Wilson household. We have joined the rest of the world and have been wrestling with the lovely common cold. I had it first and then Allen and Kaylen got it.

As far as the house goes... our GC has been sick so we haven't seen him in a week or so. The tile guy has been working on our master bathroom. That is coming along quite nicely. Nothing else has been happening - which is kind of a nice change. I needed a break. All of the project bills were stressing me out as well as trying to keep up with what was going on and what was supposed to be going on. So this has been a nice break for me. I think I am decided on what I am doing for my kitchen backsplash so I need to go buy that tile. I ended up going a different route than I had originally planned. I will show you guys when it is done. I hope it turns out alright. I think it will but you just never know!

School work is going well. I continue to make A's. Which is nice but doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. I wish I could just relax and take a C but for some reason I can't. Trust me, I am not an A student. I have always been just fine with a B or a C. But for some reason this program is set up in such a way that I am embarassed to show half-done work to my classmates. So to keep a bunch of strangers from thinking I am a total idiot, I continue to bust my tale and do good work. UGH.

Teaching is moving right along. Next week is spring break! I am very ready for it. I am not really going anywhere or doing anything. I am just relaxing and working on some masters work that has been piling up. I hope to get a good chunk of that done. This semester I have a lot of really talented kids but they all work so slow and I feel like we aren't getting many projects done. I need to get my Panoply boards going so that I am not stressing out at the last minute. I never plan ahead.

This weekend we are taking Kaylen to Birmingham with us on Sunday and coming home on Monday. We plan to do something fun with her on Monday - the weather will determine whether that is indoors or out. Next weekend my family is coming in town for Easter. I have got to go get an Easter dress for Kaylen and myself. I may just wear something I already have but I'm not sure yet. Well, I better work ahead on my homework. Everyone enjoy the rest of their week. 3 more days until SPRING BREAK!!!!!


Jean said...

I actually thought about buying Kaylen a dress at Marshalls the other day. They had the most darling little girl and matching doll dresses. I miss buying little girl things!

Jodi said...

Way to go on the busting your hump thing - pass some of that over here, would ya?!

Ashley said...

Oh, Dawn, you don't need a new Easter dress - just wear the hot-mama one from last year! Loved it!

PS. maybe we can all get together over the spring break...

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like we both are writing papers, etc. over the break! I'm still finishing up my last one for N.B. to send in tomorrow, hopefully. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Kaylen.. they make me want to go out and get some sunshine. She looks so contented to be swinging outside!