Friday, February 29, 2008

Kaylen and Pooh!

Last night we had an end-of-the-month-and-I-haven't-spent-my-minimum-at-the-club party! Shew! It was the first time I had eaten off the new menu... scrumpdelioucious... I had scallops... yum. We ate with the Bolton's and our friend Shawn Currie. It was a dandy time but I must say that Andrew far outweighed Kaylen in the good behavior category! Kaylen was wild! She was yelling and playing and running around! I was stressed out! She had a party at school and those days tend to leave my little one a bit excited. She sure is a darling little fireball! After dinner the Bolton's came over to check out the house updates. It was a nice little evening. Oh, I also did something I haven't done in 3 months... went grocery shoping! Today Allen and I are coming home and organizing! We are putting the pantry in order and switching everything over to the new fridge! Allen wants to clean out the garage so that we can put the black fridge in there. That will really straighten that area up. We also plan to get everything hung in the Dining Room. The downstairs is getting fixed up! So that is my fun-filled Friday for ya! Saturday is chocked full with a birthday party for one of Kaylen's classmates and dinner for Hollie! Sunday is planned as well! I am getting together with Kelly to make an apron!!!! I have the coolest fabric and I am so excited to make something! Let's hope it goes well!

I will leave you with a shot from our bathtime last night... Kaylen is totally crazy over bubbles!... and pooh, of course. In this shot she is floating on her back!!!! We are so learning to swim this summer!!!


Bull said...

You sure did use a lot of exclamation points in your post today! It seems like most of the stuff that is going on in your life is especially emphatic!

dawn wilson said...

as I look back over it, i did get a bit excessive. I guess I was feeling very excitable about my not-so-exciting weekend.

you saw through me!!!

Nikki said...

cute pic! We are pooh fans too.

Anonymous said...

The bubble bath picture is precious. :)


kellymartinau said...

That pic is so great-and I really loved the Easter pics. She absolutely made that dress! I'm so glad emily finished her pillowcase dress, for Rylie looks adorable in it. Those pics were so cute-but I think Lucy looked like a boy in one of them hehe

Have you seen/do you have the "Bubbles Oodles" from Gymboree? Oh my gosh-best bubbles ever! The bubble blower thingy has five openings and makes a TON of bubbles with every blow. It's very cool! Lucy loves it!