Thursday, February 07, 2008

I am loving my kitchen!!!

My message center and fridge. The cabinet sitting where my fridge will go is the other side of my message center. There will be 2 columns that go all the way to the countertop.

The first cabinet right by the fridge is double trash cans. The next cabinet is my sink. The hole beside that is where my dishwasher goes. The cabinet sitting in that hole goes on the end of the bar and will face out. That will be shelves for cookbooks.

This is the downstairs bathroom. Paul is about to put the vanity, lights and toliet in so that we can actually use this room. I think that Howard is going to get the shower tiled this weekend (maybe - there is a little snafu... i will have to talk with paul about first).

This is where my stove will go. My uppers here are going to be really cool. It should all be up tomorrow. But notice my big pull out drawers for pots and pans! I love it!

This is a cabinet in my laundry room. the bottom 2 squares are all one door. This is where I will put my vaccum cleaner and mops and brooms. Above is where cleaning supplies will go because my frisky little one can get into childproof things so I have to put deadly thing up high! :)Oh, and there will be a countertop to the right of the cabinet for sewing, folding or whatever!

My other cabinets in the laundry room. Lots of room for storage.

This is the bad news. The vanity that we ordered for our upstairs masterbath... was delievered cracked into a million pieces. This is an example of one area of breakage! I have shipping insurance so we should be okay. I am trying to handle that today. ugh!

Can you tell that I am crazy about my kitchen?!?!?!? Emily has been helping me a ton and she is such a style guru! She is really so good at what she does. I really think people are either born with that ability or they arent. She was! All my colors are great and everything goes so great! Her ideas are the coolest! I will post more pics over the next few days. Today is uppers and trim work. My cabinets will go to the ceiling once they are trimmed out.


Jean said...

I love it! I am jealous of the new kitchen cabinets! Jean

Ashley said...

Dawn - looking FABULOUS! I am so excited for you - this might mean a little short visit to the house this weekend. I love the cabinet finish and the tile floor. And, it's so exciting that you'll have another working bathroom soon. Yippee!

Anonymous said...

What a great thing to see-cabinets!!! It is looking good-hopefully it will all go quick from here.

Amanda said...

Loving the kitchen...i also really love that wall color!