Monday, February 12, 2007

Atlanta Trip

Alright, so some of you know that I took a weekend getaway to Atlanta with some friends. I thought I would post a few pics from that weekend on here. We had a great time. We started the trip with a visit to Katherine's home town - what a great place to grow up! Then we headed out for Atlanta and went straight to the spa. I had a facial and it was delightful! Then on to a day of shopping and lastly out to dinner. We stayed at an awesome hotel that even had an Escalade to cart us around in. So we didnt have to worry about getting anywhere. It was definitely a fun weekend.

Amy, Ashley, me and Katherine in our hotel room.
Me and Ashley with a ton of chocolate!
Here we all are eating out at Eclipse di Luna - mexican tapas... it was delish!

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Shwanky Lady said...

Those are some hot mamas...whohoo!