Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Supper Club - November

Every other month the Carlisles, Foxes and Wilsons get together for a rather informal dinner so that we can all catch up. Otherwise we might go forever without getting together. Times are busy!!! Anyway, our kids always get excited about this. They have finally gotten to the age that they can all play together without us having to supervise too closely. I have to say that I was impressed with them this time. It truly sounded like they were throwing things through the walls upstairs but when I went to clean the mess the next day... it was seriously minimal! I was shocked at how little there was to do! What great kids! Oh and one thing I am learning about my sweet daughter is that she keeps score with a vengeance. I am going to have a little tattler on my hands. I am really trying to squelch that in her but it is definitely her tendency. The other night (and Emily... I haven't even told you about this yet but I think it is funny so here goes) we are getting out of the car and she randomly says that Rylie hit her 4 times (I love how she gives it a number of 4... but she consistently says that). So I say that it is okay because Rylie is her friend and she has to forgive her friends. She says... "Rylie not my friend right now... she hit me". This girl is relentless! We had Andrew over a looong time ago and she still is talking about when he came over and jumped on her on the couch and then stole her juice box. Oh and she doesn't leave Jonah out... he smashed her fingers in the door. Never mind that she is the one that had her fingers in the door that he was shutting! Of course it isn't her fault at all. See what I am saying? Big old tattle tale! My question is... how many things has my little darling done that her sweet friends aren't spilling!?!?! Tons I am sure! Kids are funny!


Jodi said...

I'm on Jabbify right now looking for you. I'm so confused... I'm Jabbifyilliterate!

Jodi said...

not working!